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Honors Advising

University Honors Curriculum

Coursework & Core Objectives


Fall Term
Honors Introduction to Philosophy (4a)

Winter Term
Honors Introduction to History (5a)


Fall Term
Honors Diverse Voices in Fiction (5d)

Winter Term
Honors Ethics (6a)


Fall Term
Honors On the Divine (4b)

Winter Term
Honors Elements of Political Thought (3c)



Junior Year
Register for Honors Thesis Proposal (HON 4997)
Junior Year Senior Year

Register for Honors Thesis Proposal (HON 4997)

Register for Honors Thesis Approval (HON 4998)

Register for Honors Thesis Defense (HON 4999)

Defend Honors Thesis before Honors Convocation

Submit Honors Thesis to Honors Director

Service Hours

Complete 100 hours of service in the pursuit of justice to society at large and individuals in need before the end of undergraduate program of study, which must be verified by the Institute for Leadership & Service 

  1. The Honors student, the Honors Director, the major advisor are co-responsible for making sure the student is moving through The Program efficiently.  When registering for classes, the Honors student should consult with the Honors Director before their major advisor.
  2. This is the sequence in which Honors students must register for their Honors courses.  Honors students and major advisors must take care that the student does not inadvertently register for non-Honors sections of these courses, or other non-Honors core equivalents.  Please note that all Honors courses are denoted by the section "HP".
  3. Honors students are not allowed to jump cohorts.
  4. Honors students are required to successfully defend an Honors Thesis before the Honors Convocation immediately preceding their anticipated date of graduation.  Under no circumstances should an Honors student begin their Thesis later than the second term of his or her junior year, though it can be started earlier.  Honors students must take account of the curricular demands in their major and take care to register for their Honors Thesis credit units in a timely manner, if they hope to graduate from The Honors Program on time.  Students should promptly consult their major advisor to determine when they should begin working on their thesis.