Strategic Planning Team: Policy and Procedures

I.    REPORTING LINE - Reports to the President of the University

When formal recommendations are made to the President, the President will inform the team of his/her decision or reaction to the proposal within 60 days.  If the President decides to take a course of action different from that recommended by the team, the President will make him/herself available to explain to the team the reason for the contrary action.


A.    One elected representative of the McNichols faculty
B.    One faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members
C.    One representative from the School of Law
D.    One representative from the School of Dentistry
E.    Four administrative representatives
F.    One staff representative
G.    One alum representative
H.    One student representative


A.  Chairperson

1.    Chairperson is elected annually by the team membership
2.    Calls and presides over meetings of the team
3.    Provides to the team issues identified by the President
4.    Provides recommendations and other actions according to timelines established by the President

B.  Vice Chairperson

1.    Vice Chairperson is elected annually by the team membership
2.    Serve as chairperson in the absence of the elected chairperson

C.  Secretary

1.    Secretary is elected annually by the team membership
2.    Takes minutes of team meeting
3.    Abbreviates meeting minutes to one page for the University archives within one week of meeting
4.    Post summary minutes and other documents online within one week of meeting (shared governance website)
5.    Reports team activities to Campus Connections as appropriate
6.    Maintains roster of Team membership

IV. Strategic Planning Meetings

A.    In general, meetings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month and will be called by the Chair, the University President, or his/her designated representatives.  Meeting dates and times can and will be altered based on scheduling priorities and agenda. 
B.    Follow-up meetings are generally announced/confirmed at the end of each meeting or ten days prior to the meeting.  Meeting reminders are emailed the week before each meeting.  
C.    Agendas are prepared and distributed the week, or at least five days, prior to the next meeting.  In as much as agenda items will be specified by the President or his/her designated representatives it may not always be possible to distribute as planned.
D.    Documents (resolutions, advice statements, etc.) are prepared by various team members depending on task distribution. 
E.    Consensus is sought on all team actions, but a simple majority vote is used to settle issues. 
F.    Anonymous voting totals will be recorded and dissenting opinion statements may be included as an addendum to team action documents. 

V.  Strategic Planning Duties

A.    Establish, in consultation with the President, goals for the academic year.
B.    Be available for consultation with the AVP for regular program review to identify programs that face special challenges and should receive an out-of-cycle academic program review.
C.    At the end of each academic year, the Team will evaluate its progress toward achievement of established goals in an annual report to the President.
D.    Fulfill responsibilities as outlined in the Team charge.

Revised and Approved
Shared Governance Task Force
May 2006