Staff/Administrator Development Team: Procedures and Guidelines

I.  REPORTING LINE:  The Team reports to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources

When formal recommendations are made to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources (Associate VP/HR), the Associate VP/HR will inform the team of his/her decision or reaction to the proposal within 60 days.  If the Associate VP/HR decides to take a course of action different from that recommended by the team, the Associate VP/HR will make him/herself available to explain to the team the reason for the contrary action.


A.    Three staff representatives
B.    Four administrative representatives


A.    Chairperson

1.    The team may function either with a single Chairperson or Co-Chairperson to be chosen by the Team membership on an annual basis
2.    Calls and conducts meetings for the Team
3.    With the Team membership selects next meeting date at the end of each meeting
4.    Develops meeting agendas and distributes at least five days before established meeting
5.    Shares with the Team any issues identified by the Associate VP/HR
6.    Provides recommendations and other actions to timelines established by the Associate VP/HR

B.    Secretary

1.    Takes minutes of Team meetings
2.    Abbreviates meeting minutes to one page for the University Archives within one week of meeting
3.    Posts summary minutes and other documents online within one week of meeting (shared governance website)
4.    Reports Team activities to Campus Connection as appropriate
5.    Maintains record of approved resolutions, advice, membership records and other actions
6.    Maintains roster of Team membership


A.    Meetings will be scheduled for at least one per month
B.    Meetings will last no less than one hour nor more than one and one half hours
C.    A quorum of five team members will be required to deliberate and act on initiatives and resolutions
D.    Meetings will operate under the principle of consensus unless a vote is requested


A.    Establish, in consultation with the Associate VP/HR, goals for the fiscal year
B.    Deliberate and act on priority issues identified by the  Associate VP/HR
C.    Make recommendations regarding orientation for new staff and administrative employees
D.    Make recommendations regarding professional development opportunities for staff
E.    Propose training program from employees
F.    Responsible for the development and designation of a staff award
G.    At the end of each academic year, the Team will evaluate its progress toward achievement of established goals in an annual report to the Associate VP/HR

Revised and Approved
Shared Governance Task Force
May 2006