Staff/Administrator Development Team

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Team Membership

Seven-member team: three staff and four administrative representatives

Reports to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources


3 staff representatives

Ed Black, Public Safety Officer, Department of Public Safety (term expires 3/2014)

Delanda Dixon, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Education (term expires 3/2014)

Bridgette Murphy, Administrative Assistant, College of Health Professions (term expires 3/2014)


4 administrative representatives

Alysa Jackson, Secretary, Auxiliary Service Manager, Facilities Operations (term expires 3/2014)

Dorothy Stewart, Associate Dean of Students (term expires 3/2014)

Netina Anding, Co-Chairperson, Associate Director, Human Resources (term expires 3/2015)

Lynn Sikawa, Co-Chairperson, Director of Clinic Operations, School of Dentistry (term expries 3/2015)


Invited Participants

The chairperson of a Team and/or the administrator to whom the Team reports may add guests in an “Invited Participant” category. Individuals are invited because of their expertise, potential contributions, or history with the team but have no voting rights.  The term of service for invited participants is not to exceed two years.  Invited participants are not eligible for reappointment in this category.  A team may not exceed three invited participants at any given time.

E. Louise Rae, Office Manager, Information Technology Services (term expires 3/2014)

2013-14 Charge

  • Coordinate and administer the nomination and selection process for the Commitment to Excellence Awards.
  • Assign Team members to contact each college/school/unit of the University to encourage nominations for the Commitment to Excellence Awards.
  • Review the current Sexual Harassment Online course and develop recommendations for assuring that new staff and administrators complete the module.

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Review new employee orientation programming and when appropriate make recommendations to the Department of Human Resources regarding the program.
  • Make proposals regarding professional development opportunities for staff and forward to the Associate VP for Human Resources.
  • Develop training or education programs targeted at employees targeted at professional development.
  • Provide ongoing reports to and consultation with the Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Keep the university community informed of committee activities by providing summary minutes of meetings and reports to (sharedgovernance(at)  Information will be posted to the shared governance website (  The secretary of the committee is responsible for these postings and for informing Campus Connections of new postings. If there is no secretary identified for the committee, a member should be selected who is responsible for this task.

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