Mission/Urban/Social Justice Team: Operating Policies and Procedures

I.    Reporting Line:  Reports to the President of the University

When formal recommendations are made to the President, the President will inform the team of his/her decision or reaction to the proposal within 60 days.  If the President decides to take a course of action different from that recommended by the team, the President will make him/herself available to explain to the team the reason for the contrary action.

II.    Team Membership

A.    One alum representative
B.    Two student representatives
C.    Three administrative or staff representatives (at lease one of which should be a representative of University Ministry)
D.    One representative from the School of Law
E.    One representative from the School of Dentistry
F.    One faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members
G.    One faculty member elected by the McNichols faculty

III.    Organization

A.    Chairperson  is elected annually
1.    Calls and presides over meetings of the team
2.    Provides notification of a meeting at least ten days prior to the meeting
3.    Posts a meeting to-do list as a preview for the agenda of the next meeting
4.    Circulate a formal agenda five days before each meeting
5.    Provides to the team issues identified by the President
6.    Provides recommendations and other actions according to timelines established by the President

B.    Secretary is elected annually

1.    Keeps formal minutes of meetings
2.    Abbreviates meeting minutes to one page for the University archives within one week of meeting
3.    Posts summary minutes and other documents online within one week of meeting (shared governance website)
4.    Report team activities to Campus Connections as appropriate
5.    Maintain record of approved resolutions, advice, membership records and other actions
6.    Maintain roster of team membership

IV.    Meetings

A.    Team meets monthly with intermediate meetings optional should deadlines warrant
B.    Last ten minutes of each meeting will be devoted to open forum assessment of the meeting just ending
C.    A simple majority quorum of six people must be present for a meeting, consensus, or vote to occur
D.    Time lime expectation for action items will be determined for each action and will be recorded in the to-do post-meeting mailing
E.    Team will operate by consensus unless a vote is requested by a team member
F.    Meeting will normally last for one hour

V.    Duties

A.    Establish, in consultation with the President, goals for the academic year
B.    Develop means to foster the Jesuit and Mercy traditions through ongoing education and promotion of mission fulfillment
C.    Review and evaluate programs developed under previous Mission Effectiveness Committee for continuation
D.    Coordinate award to recognize those who foster the mission
E.    Continually seek out ideas from other similarly situated universities to promote the development of mission at UDM
F.    Be available to provide advice to the AVP on any academic program under review, as requested by the AVP
G.    Provide ongoing report to and consultation with the President of the University
H.    At the end of each academic year, the team will evaluate its progress toward achievement of established goals in an annual report to the President

Revised and Approved
Shared Governance Task Force
May 2006