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Information Technology Team: Policy and Procedures


A.    Reports to Vice President for Business and Finance and the Vice President for Academic Affairs
B.    When formal recommendations are made to the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or the AVP, the appropriate Vice President will inform the team of his/her decision or reaction to the proposal within 60 days.  If the appropriate Vice President decides to take a course of action different from that recommended by the team, the Vice President will make him/herself available to explain to the team the reason for the contrary action.


Thirteen-member team: one Law School representative; one Dental School representative; one library representative; one IDS representative; two students; two administrative or staff representatives; one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members; and two elected representatives of the McNichols faculty;  two representatives ITS staff will be ex officio members of the team


 A.  Chairperson: elected by vote of the team and responsibilities included but are not limited to the following
1.    Generates the agenda for the meetings
2.    Presents all completed proposals and recommendations to the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or the AVP
3.    Provide to the team, the issues identified by the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or the AVP
4.    Preside over meeting for the team
B.    Vice-Chairperson: elected by vote of the team and responsibilities included but are not limited to the following
1.  Posts summary minutes and other documents online within one week of meeting (shared governance website).
2.  Inform the Campus Connections or other appropriate public communications medium of new public document postings.
3.    Abbreviate meeting minutes to one page for the University archives within one week of meeting
4.    Preside over meeting in the absence of the Chairperson
5.   Maintain roster of Team membership
C.  Rotating Recorder
1.    Members will rotate duty of recording minutes.
2.    The rotations will proceed alphabetically by last name.
3.    Distribute minutes within one week to the team for review.
4.    The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will be excluded from rotation due to other office responsibilities.
5.    Student members will be excluded from rotation.


A.    Meeting will be held once a month, with at least a ten day notification, and last sixty to ninety minutes unless otherwise agreed upon by the team.
B.    The agenda will be distributed for review one calendar week prior to the meeting. When the frequency of meetings is prohibitive, such as less than fourteen days between meetings, in this case the agenda will be distributed in a timely manner but no less than two days prior to the meeting for review time by the team.
C.    A quorum of a simple majority consisting of currently filled voting member positions must be present for a meeting to take place.   A member giving a proxy to the Chair does not constitute attendance and therefore does not count toward the quorum.   However, a person granted proxy in accordance with Shared Governance Task Force rules by the member to take his/her place at the meeting does count toward the quorum.
D.    A quorum of two-thirds of currently filled; voting team positions must be present for a vote to take place.  A member who has either given a proxy to the Chairperson or who has a designated proxy at the meeting is counted in the quorum.
E.    Agenda

1.    Items to appear on the agenda will come from the previous meeting, the Chairperson, and the Vice President for Business and Finance.
2.    Items may be presented to the Chairperson to be placed on the agenda outside of the meetings by a member of the team.

F.  Meeting Minutes

1.    A recorder will be assigned each meeting.
2.    Minutes will contain a brief summary of topics discussed and decision made during the meeting.
3.    The acting Rotating Recorder will distribute the minutes to the members of the team within a week.
4.    The Vice-Chairperson will handle the public posting and informing the Campus Connection.

G.  Order of Business - The following general agenda shall guide regular meetings:

1.    Roll Call – The Rotating Recorder will record those present and absent into the minutes.
2.    Approval of minutes – At this time any requested changes to the minutes can be made and approved.
3.    Old Business – Any business unresolved from the last meeting will be discussed at this time.
4.    New Business – Any new business will be discussed at this time.
5.    Officers’ Report(s) – The officers will report on recent events and information that is pertinent to their duties.
6.    Taskforce/Committee reports – Any report that originates from another team/committee, subcommittees or taskforce will be presented at this time.
7.    Announcements – Any members may request to make announcements of interest to the team
8.    Next Agenda - Cover agenda items to be covered during the next meeting
9.    Adjournment – Once all agenda items have been completed, unless there are any objections, the Chairperson will call for adjournment.

H.    Meeting will operate under the principle of consensus unless any member requests a vote.

1.    Voting Rules are referenced below in Article III

I.   Unscheduled meeting requests can be presented to or created by the Chairperson.  If the agenda is deemed urgent, one week notice should be required to call a meeting.


A vote can be requested by voting members if clear consensus can not be reached.  Voting can be requested in two forms; a show of hands or ballot.

A.    Show of hands – At the request of the Chairperson those in favor would raise their hand and to be counted by the Rotating Recorder.  Then, those opposed would raise their hands to be counted by the Rotating Recorder.  Abstentions will be counted last by the Rotating Recorder. The counts would be announced by the Chairperson and recorded in the minutes.
B.    Ballot – All voting members will be requested to write their vote on a slip of paper.  The votes will be gathered by the Vice-Chairperson, tallied and reported to the Chairperson to announce.  This method can be used when confidentiality is desired, such as during an election.
C.    When a team member is absent, they may grant proxy to the Chairperson of the IT Team or designate a proxy in accordance with Shared Governance Task Force rules and if the member’s sponsoring unit authorizes such a procedure.  The Chairperson must be informed about the designation of any proxy.


A.    Provide recommendations and other actions according to timelines established by the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP.
B.    For agenda initiated by team members, the team will determine the appropriate timeline.
C.    If the agenda item is given to a taskforce formed by the team it will still remain subject to timeline restrictions.
D.    If an extension of a timeline is requested based on circumstances, it must be approved by the team and where appropriate the Vice President of Business and Finance and/or AVP.


A.    The IT team will develop a standard set of outcomes for use with all projects with the goal of evaluation being quality improvement.
B.    At the end of each academic year, the team will evaluate its progress toward achievement of establish goals in an annual report to the appropriate Vice President.


A.    Establish, in consultation with the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or the AVP, goals for the academic year.
B.    Provide recommendations to Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP and the information technology staff of the university about planning for academic technology needs.
C.    Provide recommendations on technology needs regarding the possible development of online courses/programs and courseware.
D.    Make recommendations regarding software; web standards; planning for IT infrastructure, and strategic IT planning for the university.
E.    As requested by the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP, monitor and provide guidance to other IT committees and groups.  The team reserves the right to appoint permanent or case specific liaisons to such committees and groups.
F.    Provide ongoing reports to and consultation with the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP.

Revised and Approved
Shared Governance Task Force
May 2006