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Team Membership

Thirteen-member team: one Law School representative; one Dental School representative; one library representative; one IDS representative; two students; two administrative or staff representatives; one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members; and two elected representatives of the McNichols faculty; two representatives ITS staff will be ex officio members of the team

Reports to Vice President for Business and Finance and Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs


3 faculty representatives 

Shadi Bani Taan, Mathematics & Computer Science, College of Engineering & Science (term expires 3/2015)

loannis Sauldatos, Mathematics & Computer Science, College of Engineering & Science (term expries 3/2016)

Rita Barrios, Computer & Information Systems, College of Liberal Arts & Education (term expires 3/2015) (MFA)

2 administrative or staff representatives

Ken Palazzolo, Director, Enterprise Information System (term expires 8/2014)

Edward G. Tracy, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services (term expires 8/2014)

2 ex officio staff representatives of ITS

TBA (term expires 8/2013)

Martin Frankhouse, Network Manager, Information Technology Services (term expires 8/2013)

1 Library representative

Sara Martin, Associate Dean for Technical Services and Library Systems, McNichols Campus Library (term expires 8/2015)

1 Instructional Design Studio representative

Anthony Cressey, Instructional Designer, Instructional Design Studio (term expires 8/2014)

1 Dental School representative

Walter Lim, Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry (term expires 8/2014)

1 Law School representative

Chris Congdon (term expires 8/2014)

2 student representatives

TBD (term expires 8/2014)

TBD (term expires 8/2014)

2013-2014 Charge

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Ongoing Responsibilities

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