Information Technology Team

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Team Membership

Thirteen-member team: one law school representative; one dental school representative; one library representative; one IDS representative; two students; two administrative or staff representatives; one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members; and two elected representatives of the McNichols faculty; two representatives ITS staff will be ex officio members of the team

Reports to vice president for Business and Finance and provost/vice president for Academic Affairs


3 faculty representatives 

Shadi Bani Taan, Mathematics & Computer Science, College of Engineering & Science (term expires 3/2017)

Ioannis Souldatos, Chairperson, Mathematics & Computer Science, College of Engineering & Science (term expries 3/2018)
Stokes Baker, Biology, College of Engineering & Science (term expires 3/2017) (MFA)

2 administrative or staff representatives

TBD (term expires 3/2017)

Edward G. Tracy, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services (term expires 3/2017)

2 ex officio staff representatives of ITS

Renee Kettering, RSM, Software and Communication Specialist, Information Technology Services (term expires 3/2017)

Julie Latulip-Lazarelich, Helpdesk Manager, Information Technology Services (term expires 3/2017)

1 Library representative

Marilyn Dow, Director, School of Dentistry Library (term expires 8/2017)

1 Instructional Design Studio representative

Anthony Cressey, Instructional Designer, Instructional Design Studio (term expires 3/2017)

1 Dental School representative

Mike Verdusco, Director of Educational Technology, School of Dentistry (term expires 3/2017)

1 Law School representative

Loretta Lewins-Peck, Assistant Dean and Registrar (term expires 3/2017)

2 student representatives

TBD (term expires 8/2017)

TBD (term expires 8/2017)

Invited Participants

The chairperson of a team and/or the administrator to whom the team reports may add guests in an “Invited Participant” category. Individuals are invited because of their expertise, potential contributions, or history with the team but have no voting rights. The term of service for invited participants is not to exceed two years. Invited participants are not eligible for reappointment in this category. A team may not exceed three invited participants at any given time.

Chris Congdon, Director of Information Technology, School of Law (term expires 8/2016)

2016-2017 Charge

  • Make suggestions to the Vice President for Business and Finance and the Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services regarding priorities for the fiscal year
  • Provide suggestions to Vice President for Business and Finance and/or Provost/VPAA  and the information technology staff of the university about planning for academic technology needs.
  • Provide suggestions to Vice President for Business and Finance and/or Provost/VPAA  and the information technology staff of the university about strategic IT planning for the university.
  • Provide suggestions on technology needs regarding the development of online courses/programs and courseware.
  • Make suggestions regarding software; web standards; planning for IT infrastructure, and strategic IT planning for the university.
  • If requested by the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or Provost/VPAA , monitor and provide guidance to other IT committees and groups.  The team reserves the right to appoint permanent or case specific liaisons to such committees and groups.
  • Implement lecture capture solutions and archive content to allow students to revisit important learning experiences (2.4.1).
  • Review Student Success Solutions in consultation with a task force regarding current or future solutions.
  • Finalize McNichols Campus users’ desktop rights proposal.
  • Conduct assessment to secure information from end-users regarding needs and priorities.
  • Establish procedures for keeping records of approved resolutions, determinations, advice, membership records and other actions.
  • Keep the University community informed of team activities by providing summary minutes of meetings and reports for posting to the shared governance website. The secretary to the committee is responsible for sending these documents to sharedgovernance(at)
  • Verify whether team's operational policy and procedures are consistent with practice. Submit your revised document to the Shared Governance Task Force through the chairperson by December 1. If there are no changes to be made notify the SGTF chairperson by the same date.

Note: Numbers indicate the corresponding 2012-2017 University Strategic Plan action steps Click here to view

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