Faculty Development Team: Operational Policies and Procedures


A.  Reports to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs (P/VPAA)
B.  When formal recommendations are made to the P/VPAA, the P/VPAA will inform the team of his/her decision or reaction to the proposal within 60 days.  If the P/VPAA decides to take a course of action different from that recommended by the team, the P/VPAA will make him/herself available to explain to the team the reason for the contrary action.


A.    Two administrative representatives
B.    One representative from the School of Dentistry
C.    One representative from the School of Law
D.    Four representatives from the McNichols faculty
E.    One representative from the McNichols Faculty Assembly


A. Initial Meeting

1.    The McNichols Faculty Assembly representative has responsibility for scheduling the first meeting of the academic year.  
2.    This meeting should be scheduled no later than two weeks after the start of the Fall term.
3.    During the first meeting, the chair/co-chair and secretary are elected and duties are described.
4.    Charges are reviewed and members determine, which charges to address for the term

B. Chairperson(s) – elected annually for a term of one year

1.    Calls meetings for the Team
2.    Presides over meetings for the Team
3.    Provides notification of a meeting at least ten calendar days prior to the meeting
4.    Generates meeting agendas for e-mail distribution at least one week before the scheduled meeting
5.    Provides to the team issues identified by the P/VPAA
6.    Provides recommendations and other actions according to timelines established by the P/VPAA
7.    Reports to P/VPAA when appropriate

C. Secretary – elected annually for a term of one year

1.    Takes extended minutes of Team meetings
2.    Email minutes and other documents within one week of approval to sharedgovernance@udmercy.edu
3.    Responsible for informing the shared governance website administrator of elected officers and any changes in team membership.


A.  Meetings are held one time per month at an agreed upon date and time during the initial meeting.  Location to be established by members (rotating campuses is suggested)
B.  A quorum of five people must be present for a meeting or vote to take place
C.  Meetings will operate under the principles of consensus unless a vote is requested
D.  Meetings will not last for more than one hour unless agreed to by a majority prior to the meeting date


A.  Establish, in consultation with the P/VPAA, goals for the academic year
B.  Ongoing University Faculty Development

1.  Coordinate a broad range of interdisciplinary discussions among faculty at all UDM schools/colleges
2.  Establish a process for sharing best practices among all UDM schools/colleges
3.  Make recommendations to administrators regarding faculty development
4.  Keep the UDM community informed of team activities through minutes and the shared governance website

C.  At the end of each academic year, the Team will evaluate its progress towards achievement of established goals in an annual report to the P/VPAA

Revised and Approved
Shared Governance Task Force
May 2006, March 25, 2015