Assessment Team

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Team Membership

Eleven-member team: one representative of the Law School; one representative of the Dental School; one representative from each of the colleges/schools (selected by the college/school); one representative from the library; one faculty member selected by the MFA from its members; and two administrative representatives

Reports to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs


The Assessment Team seeks to collaborate with departments/programs/units to ensure that effective assessment of student learning occurs across the University. To assist in meeting this goal, the team requests that you complete the Assessment Report for your specific program. The form is listed below.

Assessment Report 2012-14 (docx)


Representatives from the Colleges/Schools/Library

Steve LaGrassa, Architecture, School of Architecture (term expires 3/2015)

Thelma Phillips, Nursing, McAuley School of Nursing, College of Health Professions (term expires 3/2015)

Jill Turner, Co-Chairperson, Reference Department, School of Dentistry Library (term expires 3/2015)

Mary Higby, Business Administration, College of Business Administration (term expires 3/2016)

Sharla Fasko, Psychology, College of Liberal Arts & Education (term expires 3/2016)

TBA College of Engineering & Science (term exprires 3/2016)

Rosanne Burson, Nursing, McAuley School of Nursing, College of Health Professions (term expires 3/2015) (MFA)

2 administrative representatives

Lara Wasner, Co-Chairperson,  Director, Foreign Language and Culture (term expires 8/2015)

Elizabeth Roberts-Kirchhoff, Director of Assessment (ex officio)

1 Dental School representative

Robert Trombly, Associate Dean for Academic Administration (term expires 8/2016)

1 Law School representative

 Nancy Omichinski (term expires 8/2016)

2013-14 Charge

  • Enhance assurance of learning; establish rubrics for specific programs assess outcomes and establish meaningful consequences for failure to achieve working with Deans/Faculty of Colleges and Schools and the President’s Council. (PC) (1.1.1)
  • Develop the next phase of the assessment plan so that it focuses on the themes found in the Core Curriculum document.
  • Evaluate the data collected in previous cycles  and provide a summary and/or recommendations that:
    • Identifies themes or concerns of gaps in either in pedagogy, evaluation or related issues
    • Determine if changes have occurred and note exemplars
    • Provide recommendations about needed faculty development or information that should be shared with college/school Deans and Curriculum Committees. (An effort to “close” the loop”)
  • Review the current Higher Learning Commission (HLC) guidelines associated with accreditation in preparation for the University's site visit in 2016.
  • Review information about the HLC Standard Pathway especially Criterion 4, and meet with Dr. Nancy Calleja, HLC Self Study Project Director, to begin discussing Criterion 4 as we assess the University's status in preparation for the site visit.
    • Based on a review of Criterion 4, make recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs concerning strengths and gaps.
    • Enhance assurance of learning; establish rubrics for specific programs, assess outcomes, and establish meaningful consequences for failure to achieve (1.1.1)

Note: Numbers indicate the corresponding 2012-2017 University Strategic Plan action steps Click here to view

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Develop mechanism for sharing best practices around the university regarding assessment.
  • Review the assessment methodologies being used by each school and identify those schools in which assessment activities should be commended, as well as those requiring improvement. 
  • Provide ongoing reports to and consultation with the Academic Vice President. Keep the university community informed of committee activities by providing summary minutes of meetings and reports to (sharedgovernance(at)  Information will be posted to the shared governance website (   The secretary of the committee is responsible for these postings and for informing Campus Connections of new postings. If there is no secretary identified for the committee, a member should be elected who is responsible for this task.

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