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Dear Colleagues,

The Office of the Provost wishes to provide the University community with an opportunity to access information that is the outcome of the hard work of UDM Task Forces and/or Special Committees that have completed a project/charge.  This site provides access to the outcomes, primarily reports or recommendations that are the result of a specific charge from the President of the University and/or the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  This site provides reports or links to reports that are not included within the official framework of the University's Shared Governance structure.  Shared governance materials can be found at  Within Shared Governance, Committees and Teams are assigned specific charges which may result in a report, policy, strategy, or recommendations.  This site provides similar materials that are critical to university life, a task or projects, or policy but do not fall under the Shared Governance umbrella.  The information is valuable and access to it is critical to keep the university community informed.

All reports on this site have included faculty involvement, whether as a contributor or in a leadership role, as well as administrator, staff and student contribution when appropriate.

The reports noted below may be found either by clicking on the hyperlink or going to Minute/Summaries box up on the upper right corner.