Approved Proposals

Second Major and Degree Requirements ALT Approved 12/17/15

Class Session Cancellation Protocol ALT Approved 02/05/15

Standardized Syllabus Guidelines Revision MFA Approved 08/20/15

Senior Privilege Policy ALT Approved 05/29/14

Minor in Developmental Psychology ALT Approved 05/29/14

Master of Environmental Engineering Program MFA 12/05/13; ALT 01/16/14: BOT 01/31/14

Midterm Grade Policy ALT Approved 3/21/13

Minor in Islamic Studies ALT Approved 11/01/12

Minor in Education ALT Approved 10/11/12

Religious Studies Minor ALT Approved 10/11/12

Cross-Listing Standards ALT Approved 9/13/12

Financial Economics Minor Approved ALT 7/12/12

Economics Minor Approved ALT 6/7/12

Minor In Actuarial Science Approved ALT 6/7/2012

UDM Social Media Policy Approved 5/2012

Program Review Process, Criteria, and Self-Study Guidelines Approved 8/15/2006, Revised 8/19/08, Revised 4/7/11, Revised 3/15/2012

Dean’s List GPA Cut-Off Approved 3/1/12

Guidelines for Proposing New Certificates Approved 4/20/2006, (ALT Approved ) Last Revision  3/1/12

Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Engineering Approved 1/27/12

Leadership Minor Approved 12/20/11

Academic Standards for Minors Approved 12/15/11, Revised 3/21/13

Forensic Accounting Graduate Certificate 11/17/11

International Baccalaureate Credit (IB) Policy Approved 11/03/11, Revised 5/10/12

XF Grading Policy Approved 11/3/11

Core Curriculum Implementation (MFA Approval) 09/15/11

Bachelor of Interior Architecture Approved 06/24/11

Transfer Credit Policy Approved Approved 05/19/11

Graduation with Honors Approved 4/7/11

Repeated Course Option Approved 4/7/11

Graduate Certificate in Finance Approved 12/01/10

Graduate Certificate in Ethical Leadership and Change Management Approved 12/01/10

Health Information Management Approved 06/30/10

Museum Studies Minor Approved 05/06/10

Multimedia Journalism Minor Approved 04/28/10

Sports Communication Minor Approved 04/28/10

Advanced Electric Vehicles Graduate Certificate Program Approved 02/24/10

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Approved 01/29/10

Concurrently Pursuing Two Master’s Degrees - Student Requirements Approved 8/27/09

Doctorate Nursing Practice Degree Approved 6/26/09

Business Minor Approved 6/03/09

Entrepreneurship Minor Approved 6/03/09

Clinical Nurse Leader Graduate Certificate Approved 4/15/2009

Math Minor Approved 3/26/2009

Minor in Applied Math Approved 3/26/2009

Bioinformatics Minor Approved 3/26/2009

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (5-yr BA/MA) Approved 2/26/2009

History Minor Approved 2/26/2009

Political Science Minor Approved 2/26/2009

Digital Media Studies Minor Approved 1/14/2009

Triggering Program Review Approved 1/12/2009

Theater Minor Approved 8/13/2008

Certificate Health Services Administration Approved 7/30/08

Addiction Studies Minor Approved 12/19/2007

Philosophy Minor Approved 11/28/2007

Masters Clinical Nurse Leadership Approved 11/07/2007

English Undergraduate Minor Proposal: Literature Approved 10/3/2007

English Undergraduate Minor Proposal: Creative Writing Approved 10/3/2007

Online Course and Instructor Evaluation Phase One Approved 3/22/2007

Financial Economics BA Program Approved 3/16/07

Financial Economics MA Program Approved 3/16/07

Economics MA Program Approved 3/16/07

Minor in psychology  Approved 2/21/2007

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies Approved 2/21/2007

Academic Standards for Minors Approved 9/7/2006

Guidelines for Proposing New Minors Approved 9/7/2006, Rev 1/16/2014

Student Absence Policy Approved 9/7/2006

Commitment to Excellence Award (Developed by Staff/Admin Development Team) Approved 7/26/2006

New Faculty Orientation 2006-2007 (Developed by Faculty Development Team) Approved 5/11/2006

Academic Standards for Certificates Approved 4/20/2006

Program Review Schedule Approved 4/3/2006, Modified 6/16/06, Modified 4/5/2007, Rev 2/7/12, Rev 2/22/13, Rev 6/14/13, Last Rev 1/12/16

Guidelines for Proposing a New Program Approved 4/3/2006, Revised 9/15/2011