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The UDM Shared Governance framework was adopted by the faculties and administrative leadership of the law school, the dental school, and McNichols. It has also been adopted by the University administration and the Board of Trustees. The Shared Governance Task Force is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this framework, for deciding issues that arise in terms of relative powers and responsibilities, etc.  If you have a question for the Task Force, you can contact us at sharedgovernance@udmercy.edu.

While we should all congratulate ourselves on the way the entire University community has come together to approve this framework, we should remember that the framework is just one step (albeit an important one) towards the creation of a culture of shared governance. How well we succeed as a University in creating a culture of cooperation and communication will ultimately depend on all of us.  Even the best of structures cannot replace the need for good faith, good will, and the hard work that is part of listening, communicating, and sharing.

As a University community we have made significant progress in the right direction during the pilot period, and the entire university is better for it.  With the approval of this shared governance framework, we have taken another step forward.  In some senses the work of shared governance has only just begun.  We appreciate your willingness to move forward together with it.


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