Initial Charges

Initial Organizational Structure and Tasks

  • Determine committee's organizational structure (officers/leadership e.g., chairperson, secretary, and/or other positions).

  • Draft operational policies and procedures (e.g., frequency of meetings, who calls meetings), notification time of meetings (e.g., ten days), time period for distribution of agenda (e.g., five days), timeline for preparation and approval of meeting minutes.

  • Establish procedures for keeping records of approved resolutions, determinations, advice, membership records and other actions.

  • Draft general assessment process and goals for first year (to be updated annually.)

  • Include clear time limits for action on various issues as per paragraph 4 under "Further Details" of Shared Governance Task Force proposal as approved by the university community. See also language under section on MFA indicating "During the pilot period, stringent timelines will be established both for committee and MFA processes and actions."

  • Deliberate and act on pending issues identified by the vice president for Academic Affairs.

  • Provide the Shared Governance Task Force with draft operational policies and procedures by December 1.