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Graduate Standards and Retention Committee

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Committee Membership

Seven-member Committee: two administrative non-voting representatives designated by the AVP, one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members, and four elected representatives of the McNichols faculty. All five of the MFA and McNichols faculty representatives must be from departments with graduate programs.


5 faculty representatives

Jennifer Ruel, Nurse Practitioner, McAuley School of Nursing, College of Health Professions (temporary replacement for B. Dauphin) (term expires 3/2016)

Jim Tubbs, Religious Studies, College of Liberal Arts & Education (term expires 3/2016)

Omid Sabagghi, Business Administration, College of Business Administration (term expires 3/2017)

Mary Leona Serowoky, Chairperson, McAuley School of Nursing, College of Health Professions (term expires 3/2017)

Jocelyn Bennett-Garraway, Counseling, College of Liberal Arts & Education (term expires 3/2016) (MFA)

2 non-voting administrative representatives

Diane M. Praet, Associate Vice President and Registrar (term expires 8/2016)

Noah Resnick, School of Architecture (term expires 8/2017)

2014-2015 Charges

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Initial Organizational Structure and Tasks

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