Faculty & Staff Giving

Why I Give

Jo Whitener
Jon Whitener, Marketing and Public Affairs

In the corporate world, I saw mission statements that were nothing but decoration for the lobby wall. But I'm convinced that UDM's mission is a real commitment shared by faculty, administrators, staff, religious and students.

I've never known a place where everyone seemed so "on the same page" when it came to our ultimate common purpose: the intellectual, spiritual, ethical and social development of our students. I bet that like me, you see daily how UDM's mission is a true and vital motivation shared across the UDM community. We also see it in the University's commitment to the people and city of Detroit.

UDM's full mission statement is 43 words, but I think the short version is "Making the world a better place." For us who work at UDM, we don't have to look elsewhere for a worthy organization deserving of our support. We are that organization.

That's why I'm proud to tell people I work at UDM and why I'm happy to contribute a bit of my paycheck back to the University. Here at UDM, we're all working on a mission we can believe in — and support.


As members of the UDM community, faculty and staff make a significant and daily impact on the lives of our students.  Because you live it every day, you understand better than anyone the mission of the University. 

That is why employee financial support is so vital to our efforts.  Employee giving sends out a message to prospective donors that the UDM community is strong and vibrant and that our mission is worthy of investment.

It is your participation, not the size of your gift, that is most important. Your gift will directly impact the students we serve.  Employee giving is easy.  You can donate by check, credit card, cash, or use payroll deduction to maximize your gift.

Simply download our faculty & staff campaign brochure and return the completed form to the Annual Giving Office.

Faculty and Staff Campaign Brochure

Download: Faculty & Staff Campaign Brochure (.pdf)