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Anonymous gift provides energy-saving windows in McNichols Library

McNichols Library

An anonymous donor interested in funding energy-saving projects on campus has given a $45,000 gift to pay for new windows at the McNichols Campus Library.

The same donor previously made a gift for motion sensor lights in many rooms on campus.

“With several heritage buildings, there are a lot of opportunities to improve energy-efficiency,” says Ann Fisher, executive director of Annual Giving, who told the donor about the need.

A total of 116 aluminum-framed, grey-tinted, insulated windows will be installed at the library this summer to replace single-pane glass windows original to the 1952 building. The upgrade will reduce up to 90 percent of heat and cold transference lost through windows. Margaret Auer, dean, University Libraries/Instructional Design Studio, is excited with the gift.

“I’ve been praying for new windows and was thrilled to learn that it will happen soon. Now, we won’t have to keep the blinds down to keep the cold out.

“It’s a high impact gift,” Auer adds. “There’s a double bonus of energy savings and greater comfort year-round. Also, the University has put a great deal of effort into improving the interior of the library and this will make the exterior more attractive, too.”

Several large windows are focal points throughout the library, and those large panes of glass will greatly benefit from the replacement windows.

“Students love to look out the library windows and see the fountain and the main courtyard,” Auer says.  “It’s a nice, peaceful view.”

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