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Henry Huang
Henry Huang

Henry Huang wins awards and gives back to UDM

Henry Huang ’91 has been educated on two continents – Asia and North America – and in two disciplines – engineering and computer technology. He has melded that experience into a career as a Ford Motor Co. technical specialist who tests both hardware and software vehicle components.

“I’ve always been interested in manufacturing,” he says, “If I hadn’t gone into automotive, I could have worked in computer manufacturing.” As it is, he has the best of both worlds as a team leader for Sync, Ford’s integrated, factory-installed vehicle communications and entertainment system.

He recently was awarded “Test Engineer of the Year” from Test & Measurement World for his engineering and leadership skills.

“I’m very honored to receive the award,” he notes. “It was very competitive. There were engineers from IBM and Underwriters Laboratories. As a representative of Ford, this award is great for my team.”

“As a private university, education is one part of the University of Detroit Mercy; helping people is another part.”

—Henry Huang '91

Sharing the credit is one of the traits that makes Henry a respected collaborator and leader. He directed the $10,000 prize to UDM, noting, “Education can change people’s lives.”

He earned a master’s degree in computer science from University of Detroit Mercy in 1991 and a B.A. and M.A. in electrical engineering from China, Hefei University of Technology. He is appreciative of his education. At UDM, he was not only educated in computer technology but also mentored by faculty and further assisted by staff.

“As a private university,” he says, “education is one part of the University of Detroit Mercy; helping people is another part.”