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Charley Jackson, Jr.: Career ascends from a solid foundation

Charley Jackson Jr.

The future looks bountiful for UDM alumnus Charley Jackson, Jr. ’06, who has an intense desire to make a difference. He is applying the lessons learned from his UDM undergraduate degree in economics to his job as a government contracting specialist (purchasing agent) and his role as a community activist.

In addition, he’s going to law school and is engaged to fellow UDM graduate Alysa Ouellette ’07, ’10. They plan to marry at Gesu Parish on Nov. 11, 2011. This past April, he was appointed to the Macomb Community College Board of Trustees.

His UDM education taught him to think holistically. “I can do a simple analysis and ask, ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ I find the things that can be fixed and provide a solution,” he says.

His bosses at TACOM in Warren have complimented him on that skill and he has been tapped to attend a purchasing conference based in part on his ‘solution-driven’ approach and leadership skills.

"I am excited about community involvement. UDM helped me perfect how to be a leader."

—Charley Jackson, Jr. '06

At work, he enjoys meeting fellow UDM colleagues. “We love the University and reminisce about it.” Beyond reminiscing, Jackson is involved in his class’s five-year reunion this year as a member of the College of Liberal Arts & Education (CLAE) Alumni Board.

“My time at UDM started with a chance meeting. I was offered a very good opportunity to go to another private school. Before deciding, I met (former) CLAE Associate Dean Kathy Bush. She inspired me to take a serious look at UDM,” he says. “It is interesting that some of the buildings on campus date from the early 20th Century. Those old buildings have seen many changes save one; UDM is always full of great people like Kathy Bush.” He was honored to receive the Jessie Slaton Memorial Scholarship, which covered full tuition.

Having lived on campus and served as a resident assistant on the West Quad floor dedicated to peace and justice, Jackson was infused with the desire to help others and become active in community efforts.

One of the lasting lessons of his Jesuit/Mercy-based education was “the need for each of us to contribute to societal improvement,” he says. “As a Christian, I must act in the spirit of Christ’s teachings. I am excited about community involvement. UDM helped me perfect how to be a leader.”