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Host a Successful Event: Costs & Considerations

Please see below for costs and considerations when hosting an event at Detroit Mercy.  Please note, the below costs are approximations and your event may require additional services.

Use of Facilities Fee

The Use of Facilities Fee is intended to cover utility costs and wear-and-tear on the facilities. This Fee does not include any extra services or costs incurred as a result of the event. There is no charge to Detroit Mercy Departments for facility usage as long as the activity is University-related and within operational hours. Operational hours are defined as Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. for all buildings excluding the Student Center and Fitness Center. A Detroit Mercy Department requesting space for non-University related activities or space outside normal operational hours will be charged the Use of Facilities fee. Events are not to exceed 12 hours/day.

Architecture Exhibition Space $75/hour
Ballroom $75/hour
Calihan Hall $125/hour
Classroom $30/hour
Conference/Meeting Room $25/hour
Dining Area $50/hour
Dorm Room $10/day
Fitness Center By Estimate
Fountain Lounge/Patio $50/hour
Parking Lot $15/hour

Audio Visual Services

The below rates are internal rates; external rates will be estimated upon request.

Netbook $25
Notebook $25
Projector $25
Projection Screen- Large $50
Projection Screen- Standard $25
Regular Employee Support Staff $50/man hour
Student Employee Support Staff $10/man hour

Dining Services

Catering: Food & Drink

Please take a look at our Flavours Menu, Flavours Prices and Elements Menu.

By Estimate
Linens By Estimate
Table/Chair Set-Up By Estimate
Table Settings By Estimate
Waitstaff By Estimate

Facility Operations

Support Staff By Estimate
Environmental Control/Heating & Cooling By Estimate


Trash Receptacles By Estimate
Clean-Up Support Staff Before or After $23/man hour

Marketing & Public Affairs

Photographer By Estimate

Media Services

Media Services and Sound Systems Support Staff

$50/hour and $75 set-up/strike fee

Public Safety

Public Safety Support Staff due to the below reasons:

  • Adjusting McNichols Gate Schedule
  • (M-R 7am-10pm, F 7am-7pm, Sat & Sun Closed)
  • Corktown- Saturday or Sunday event
  • Law School- Outside normal operating hours
  • Large event (including Student Organizations)
$46/man hour
(Minimum of 4 hrs)

Additional Considerations

While planning your event at Detroit Mercy, make sure to consider all the questions below to help make your event application simple and quick! (Many of these questions are asked on Detroit Mercy's event request form.)

Once you know the answers to these questions, see the page Host an Event at Detroit Mercy to read the Detroit Mercyevent policy and to access the event request form.