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Available Venues

Here are profiles of venues available for reservation on UDM campuses.


McNichols Campus


(Currently under construction as of 2014. Please check back for updates.) 

Capacity: 394

Size (SQFT): 6848

Description: This room is located in the Student Center on the second floor. It has been used for various events from conferences to celebrations to blood drives, and more. The Ballroom is brightened during the day from the sunlight that shines through the windows all along the wall on the right side. As depicted above, there is a stage available for use in the Ballroom.



Calihan Hall

Titan Club

Description: Calihan Hall, home of the Detroit Titans, includes a basketball court with blue and red stadium seating. The gym has been used for basketball tournaments, lock-ins, and other fun events. In addition to the gym, there is also the Titan Club on the second floor (only stairs available). Food and drinks can be served here. The Titan Club has a bar like mood with the higher tables, and dim lights. A great pre-game, or pre-event, social gathering spot.



Fountain Lounge

Size (SQFT): 4742

Description: The Fountain Lounge is located on the first floor of the Student Center. There is a patio with tile floor in front of the lounge area. There are both stairs and a ramp leading to the lounge from the patio. Various events are held here and the setup is easily adjustable.



Area Around Fountain

Description: This area is very beautiful. There are benches surrounding the fountain which is in the center. It is a peaceful spot, but can be used for all different types of events. For example, fairs have been held here and even barbeques (equipment not provided).



The Lounge

Fitness Center Lounge

The Court

Fitness Center Court

Court With Carpet - This photo was taken at the 2013 Holiday Party in the Fitness center on the court.

Fitness Center Set Up


Description: The Fitness Center is University of Detroit Mercy’s finest new addition to the McNichols Campus. Walking through the front doors, first there is a nice lounge area with comfy seats and coffee tables. Behind the lounge area you see through the windows two basketball courts. Also on the first floor a group fitness room with wood floor, and mirrors on the south wall. Heading upstairs (elevator and stairs provided) there is an indoor track, and a work out center with various weight lifting equipment. 



Grounds Coffeehaus

Capacity: 30

Description: Grounds is a great place for an event. When you first walk in there is a coat room to the left and two chairs. To the right there are stairs that lead to the main floor as seen in this picture. There are many tables and chairs that can be rearranged as needed. There is a stage and there is also a screen. The Grounds’ Bar serves snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks.



Student Center Games Area

Student Center Lounge

Size (SQFT):  7285

Description: The Student Center Lounge is located in the basement of the student center. There are vending machines with snacks and drinks, or Grounds is right around the corner. The combination of couches, televisions, and pool tables makes this venue fun and unique to other venues on campus. There is also a handicap accessible route through the side door (in between the student center and the engineer building).



Outdoor Athletic field

Description: This is an athletic field located behind Calihan Hall past the tennis courts. Most of the teams on campus use it. It would be great for any outdoor event.



Buysse Ballpark

Description:  Buysse Ballpark is home to our Detroit Titan softball team. The field has bleacher seating available for spectators.



St. Ignatius Chapel 

St. Ignatius Chapel

Size(SQFT): 2808

Description:  The St. Ignatius Chapel is a beautiful small church located on the first floor of the Commerce and Finance building. Its unique layout gives it originality and makes the chapel special. The chapel includes a piano and sound system.


President's Dining Room

President's Dining Room

President's Dining Room

Description: The President’s Dining Room, also known as the PDR, is a perfect place for meetings.


Quad Commons

Quad Commons

Description: Quad Commons is located at the center of The Quads. It is a hang out spot as well as a study spot. Groups on campus also hold meetings here. On the first floor, there are vending machines for drinks and snacks next to the lounge area. In the basement there are a few rooms.




Description: On the way to the Loft or Titan Dining Room, there is a platform in the stairwell. This is a great area to get people’s attention. Many organizations have set up a table or two to fundraise or present information. 



Description: Another great place to set up a fundraiser or present information is Briggs’ first floor hallway. There is lots of traffic that passes through this hallway in between classes. 


Shiple First Floor Lounge

Shiple First Floor Lounge

Description: The First Floor Lounge in Shiple is a great place for meetings.