Energy & Environmental Conservation



The world ios in our hands.

The mission of the Energy & Environmental Conservation section is to monitor sustainable energy use throughout the University community and to promote the importance of good energy management for the economic, social and environmental well-being of the University community.

The fad word today is "Green."  As we study ways to help improve our environment and reduce our overall energy usage, we must also use caution not to invest in green fad schemes that do not reduce our carbon footprint. We will look at what is actually "green" as compared to what is "mean" as it relates to our environment and sustainability.

The various links will allow you to view helpful suggestions on ways to reduce our carbon footprint and some policies covering energy usage. You can also see what the University has done and is currently doing in the area of energy savings.  Many suggestions can be used in your own homes to help cut costs and reduce your energy usage and at the same time, help protect our planet.

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