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To:       UDM Employees

Date:   August 4, 2009

RE:     Space Heater Policy Beginning 8/10/09

In an effort to optimize energy costs and consumption, UDM Facility Operations strives to maintain building temperature levels above 68 degrees during the winter months and within 73 -76 degrees during summer months.  Despite our efforts to maintain a comfortable environment, personal space heaters are being used in various areas throughout the University.   Unfortunately, the use of space heaters where the existing electrical infrastructure cannot support the energy required by such equipment is a safety hazard and in direct violation of the City of Detroit Building Code. 

To maintain a safe and comfortable working/learning environment, Facility Operations has developed a policy that restricts the use of personal space heaters.  The policy states that should an area's temperature fall outside of the University's acceptable temperature range, Facility Operations will address the situation and may provide that space with a temporary supplemental heat source until the temperature issue can be resolved.  That said, beginning August 10, 2009, any personal space heater on University property is subject to confiscation by Facility Operations. 

Please review the Space Heater Policy in its entirety.  If you are having temperature issues, please submit a work request or feel free to contact us with any questions at 313.993.1240.

Thank you for your support and assistance in keeping our campuses as safe and energy-efficient as possible.

Results from an unauthorized personal space heater:

Space Heater Ruins Outlet