Green Heros

Recycling at the residence halls

UDM has begun a pilot recycling program in the residence hall buildings on McNichols Campus. Please use the recycling bins inside these buildings.  Please do not put materials directly into the outdoor dumpsters, unless the specific rules below are followed (most importantly, materials must be placed in separate clear plastic bags).  It is preferable that you use the recycling bins inside the buildings.

Rules apply and must be followed when utilizing these containers. Please refer to the printable flyers below.

"Contaminated" dumpsters are dumped, not recycled

Dumpsters containing loose, unbagged items, dirty bottles and cans, trash or rainwater are considered contaminated. Contaminated dumpsters are not recycled and the University will be charged extra contamination fees. This pilot recycling program will not succeed if the following rules are not followed.

Please help this recycling program continue by keeping recycling dumpsters uncontaminated!

  • Please use the bins inside the residence hall buildings.
  • Plastic bottles, metal cans and small bits of scrap metal must all be placed in clear plastic bags (use indoor bins).
  • Paper must be placed in a separate clear plastic bag (use indoor bins).
  • The plastic bags must be securely closed and placed inside the recycling dumpster.
  • Glass and styrofoam are not allowed.
  • Only cardboard that has been broken down can go in the dumpsters loose with the clear plastic bags.
  • Please refer to the printable flyers below for more specifics.

Print out the recycling guidelines with these flyers:

Other UDM buildings are free to utilize the recycling dumpsters at Shiple and Reno Halls. Also, the Abibow Recycling container, located at the Facility Operations service yard entrance, is still on-site and may be utilized for the recycling of paper only. Note that University housekeepers will not convey recyclable materials from any buildings other than the residence halls.

Recycling paper

The Abibow Paper Retriever dumpster located next to the Facility Operations building can accept loose paper, but no other items (such as plastic, metal, cardboard and other recyclables) are allowed in it.