Outgoing U.S. Mail

Please Note: Failure to comply explicitly with USPS rules may cause your mail to be REJECTED. The University contracts a U.S. Postal-approved processing center to meter all outgoing U.S. Mail. Therefore, all outgoing U.S. and International Mail must comply with United States Postal Services Rulesprivate mail.

Private Mail

  •  All U.S. Mail delivered through Detroit Mercy Mail Services is property of University of Detroit Mercy.
  • Private mail should never go through the University's mail service, unless it is already prepared with the proper amount of postage.

Mail Services Counting Procedure

  • countingAll same-size pieces are to be sealed and rubber-banded with a Mail Services Count Slip.
  • Depending on the amount of outgoing, same-size pieces, you may need a U.S. Postal tray. Trays or tubs are provided by Mail Services upon request and may be used for 100 or more pieces.
  • Larger mailings are to be placed in trays in the same direction, facing up. You have the option of leaving the envelopes unsealed, however, all flaps on unsealed envelopes must be consistently up or down.
  • All outgoing U.S. Mail, including regular letters, invitations, large envelopes and flats, must include a Mail Services Count Slip, even for single envelopes. When sending larger amounts in U.S. Mail trays, each tray should have its own count slip.
  • Our Mail Services Count Slip is used for tracking the quantity of all pieces being mailed and therefore does not include stamped letters/prepaid or interdepartmental mail.

International Mail


  • Parcels are not regular mail, but include larger items stuffed in envelopes, bubble-wrapped envelopes or small boxes. Please see Outgoing Packages for information on these mailings.

Drop Boxes for After Hours

  • Mail Services office on Corktown Campus has a drop box available during normal business hours.
  • McNichols Campus has an after hour drop box for U.S. Mail and interdepartmental mail.

Postage Stamps

  • Because all outgoing mail sent through Mail Services is metered at a discount rate, using postage stamps is discouraged. Stamp requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Stamps ordered through Mail Services are ordered through the USPS website and are limited to the stamps available online. Stamp orders may take up to two weeks to receive.  Please contact Mail Services at 313-993-1240 to discuss stamp purchases.

Failure to comply explicitly with USPS rules can cause your mail to be REJECTED.