Interdepartment Mail

interdepartmentalPlease Note: Interdepartmental mail will no longer be delivered between campuses. When possible, Campus-to-Campus communications are to be faxed or emailed. If it is necessary for hard-copy documents to be delivered to another Campus, they are to be sent via U.S. Mail.


  • When sending interdepartmental mail within your campus, please use the tan interdepartmental envelopes and make certain that all former addressees are clearly crossed out so that the mail is not delivered to the wrong destination.
  • On the outside of the envelope, please include the department name, recipient's name, and any other pertinent information so that the Mail Clerk knows exactly where to deliver; using only an individual's name may slow the delivery of your mail.
  • If interdepartmental mail is sent in an old, outdated white envelope, it is not to be co-mingled with outgoing U.S. Mail. White envelopes are to be clearly marked as interdepartmental mail to help prevent them from entering the U.S. Mail stream.