Envelope Colors & Mail Piece Design

Simple tips to have a successful mail piece design:

  • Have your Mail House (or Detroit Mercy Mail Services) check your piece before it is printed.
  • Be cautious of size, weight, and thickness! Bigger will increase postage costs. 
  • Design your inserts and fold them so that they have a "clean" edge. Mailing houses use machines to insert your items in envelopes. If they cannot be machine inserted manual hand insertion costs as much as 5 times more per thousand.
  • Newsletters can be sent as a self mailer. Layout the back page to include the area for addressing and postal indicia. Eliminate the cost of purchasing envelopes and stuffing them.
  • An economical way of getting your information out is to send a postcard. 
  • Be sure and leave enough room for inkjetting the address.