Cafe a La Carte Reconstruction

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    Cafe a La Carte
Project Name:     Cafe a La Carte Relocation & Reconstruction

As part of the many projects resulting from the Utilization and Space Needs Study, the McNichols Library now hosts the Cafe a La Carte.  Moving from its location in Briggs, this area is designed for easy access to food selections for students, employees, and guests.  A comfortable seating area is also available across from Cafe a La Carte.

The project included:

  • Removal of former Library front desk
  • Installation of new ceiling tiles
  • Installation of new ceiling lighting
  • Freshly painting walls and columns
  • Re-tiling floors
  • Installation of new, tall tables and chairs 
Building:     Library
Campus:      McNichols Campus
Project Completion:     August 2009 
Additional Information:      
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