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Dental School Student Lounge Renovation

Law School Roof Replacement

Law School Career Services Relocation and Renovation

Law School Classroom Renovation Phase I

UHC Renovations

Briggs Roof Replacement

Tower Tuckpointing

Various Elevator Upgrades

Student Center Lift

Various HVAC & Electrical Energy Improvements

Concrete Replacements- McNichols Campus

East Quad Building Improvements

Manhole Construction

Striping of Various Lots on McNichols Campus

Removal of Hill/Bern in Kassab Mall

EQ 310/312 Restroom Renovation

Briggs Building Ceiling

Domestic Water Booster System Shiple Hall

New Vacuum Condensate System in McNichols Library Teaching & Learning Center

Dental Special Functions Room Improvements

Dental Student Life Activities Renovation Project

Titan Multi-Purpose Track & Field Scoreboard Installation

Law School Library Renovations

Law Review Renovations

Architecture Faculty Office Renovation Design

Chemistry Core Renovation Project

Dental School New Entry Design

Dental School 1st floor Call Center Renovation

Dental School Restroom Renovation Design 

Law School Phase III

Removal of Kassab Mall Berm

2nd Floor Dental Clinic Restroom Renovation

Briggs Roof Replacement Project

Calihan Hall Video Review and Press Room Project

Dental Cafeteria Renovation

Women's Softball Dugout Project

Lacrosse Locker Room Renovation

Shiple Hall Grab & Go Concession Area

Women's Basketball Lockers

Subway Installation in Loft Dining Area