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Quad Commons Renovation

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 Quad Commons
Project Name:     Quad Commons Renovation

What began as a smaller project, turned into a full renovation.  With this much needed renovation, Quad Commons has been updated into a cool, comfortable space for our resident students.

The project included:

  • Installation of new ceiling
  • Installation of new carpeting
  • Installation of new floor tile and stair treads
  • Freshly painted throughout space
  • Upgrades to lighting, including energy-efficient occupancy sensors
  • Installation of new sofas
  • Installation of new laptop bar and bar stools
  • Refurbishing of coffee tables
  • Removal of unused mailboxes
  • Replacing and upgrading existing floor outlets
  • Replacing old payphone bank to bulletin board display
  • Complete transformation of Quad Commons Theater: new ceiling, carpet, paint, and furniture (meeting table, meeting chairs, soft seating, and end tables)
  • Installation of dry erase board in Quad Commons Theater
  • Installation of directional wording (north, south, east, and west)within lower level floor tiles that identify the corridors leading to each Quad Residence Hall
Building:     Quad Commons
Campus:      McNichols Campus
Project Completion:     December 2010
Additional Information:     View More Pictures of This Project Here!