Library 1st floor Renovations

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Project Name:     McNichols Library Teaching & Learning Center 1st floor Renovations

A great place to study, research, and relax, the McNichols Library Teaching and Learning Center went under construction during Summer 2009.

The project included:

  • Slight redesign of 1st floor layout
  • New location of Cafeé a La Carte
  • Relocated Circulation Desk
  • New eating area
  • New training space
  • Installation of new ceiling
  • Installation of new lighting
  • Upgraded vestibule
  • Cleaning of ductwork
  • Removal of walls and bookshelves to create a more open space
  • Removal of old tracks from window treatments
  • Installation of new window treatments (pending)
Building:     Library Teaching & Learning Center
Campus:      McNichols Campus
Project Completion:     September 2009
Additional Information: