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 Briggs Building Ceiling Replacement

Calihan Hall Canopy Roofs Replacements

Closing Outer Drive Campus Buildings

Dowling Hall Room 235 & 333 Floor Replacement

Electrical Upgrade for Laptop Project

Engineering Room 220 Renovation

Fisher Administrative Center Roof Repair

Fisher Ground and 1st Floor Renovations

Holden Hall Electrical Upgrade

Holden Hall Fire Panel Replacement

Holden Hall Windows Replacement

Law School Library Carpet Replacement

Law School Library Cooling Tower

McNichols Dead Tree Removal and Replacement

McNichols Sidewalk Replacements

Men's Basketball Locker Room Renovation

Multi-Purpose Field and Track Design

New Dental Campus Construction and Renovations

New Shower Valves for Quad Complex

North Quad Fire Alarm Upgrade

Public Control Center Renovation and Camera Replacement

Shiple Hall Bathroom Renovations

Shiple Hall New Entry Doors

Student Center 1st Floor Women's Restroom Renovation

Student Center Tuckpointing

Student Fitness Center Conceptual Design and Footprint

Titan Dining Room Renovation

Tennis Complex Conceptual Design and Footprint

Varsity News Room Renovation