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Emergency Response & Recovery PlanS

The Emergency Response Plan defines for the University of Detroit Mercy community the framework necessary to respond to emergencies.

One measure of an organization’s strength is its ability to respond well in an emergency.  Since  every scenario cannot be predicted, an emergency plan must be able to adapt quickly to events as they unfold.

The University response needs to be quick, professional, supportive, person-centered, and meet the emerging demands of any emergency or crisis situation.  This plan is designed to be flexible because an emergency may be sudden and without warning.

Download the Emergency Response Plan (348 Kb pdf)

Emergency Response Plan - Table of Contents

Section 1

Declaration of an Emergency Condition
Emergency Management Teams

Section 2

The First Responder & Emergency Procedures
Building Evacuation Procedures
Evacuation Locations
Building Containment Procedures
Media Information Center
Logistics & Support

Section 3

The Role of the Building Coordinator
Crisis Protocol

  • Bomb Threat 3-2- A.1
  • Chemical Spill or Hazardous Materials Incident 3-2- B.1
  • Earthquake Emergency 3-2- C.1
  • Electrical/Lighting Failure 3-2- D.1
  • Elevator Malfunction 3-2- E.1
  • Fire Explosion or Smoke 3-2- F.1
  • Gas Leak 3-2- G.1
  • Plumbing Failure/ Flood 3-2- H.1
  • Severe Weather Emergency 3-2- I.1
  • Steam Line Failure 3-2- J.1
  • Suspicious Packages 3-2- K.1
  • Tornado 3-2- L.1
  • Ventilation Problem 3-2- M.1

Site Specific Evacuation & Containment Record
Emergency Communication Center (ECC)
Media Information Center
Logistics & Support

Section 4


Section 5

Appendix A Building Coordinators
Appendix B Site Specific Evacuation & Containment Records
Appendix C University Maps
Appendix D Resources
Appendix E Blank Forms