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message from the UDM president

October 1, 2004

Dear UDM Colleagues and Students,

During these unsettling times for us, I want the University community to know that we are taking important steps to continue to maintain a safe and secure environment on all three campuses.

During this high alert period, UDM has reviewed its emergency plan and instituted a number of heightened security measures in our residence halls, and in and around all buildings. Our Public Safety Department is well prepared and regularly communicates with the Detroit Police Department and other area law enforcement officials in case of emergency.

The University has developed a detailed Emergency Response and Recovery Plan for campus safety and disaster preparedness if anything were to effect the University. As part of the plan, UDM Building Coordinators will be identified to assist in case of a building evacuation. A list of coordinators will be distributed shortly.

Students, faculty and staff are asked to go about their normal business, but to notify Public Safety of any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized people in restricted areas and abandoned parcels, bags, or vehicles. In the unlikely event of an actual emergency, the UDM community will be notified through a variety of internal and external communications including media outlets (radio, tv and print), the UDM website, e-mail and campus postings.

May we all be blessed with strength and hope in the days ahead.

Fr. Gerard L. Stockhausen, S.J.
President, University of Detroit Mercy