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TitanConnect: UDM's Enterprise System


UDM’s TitanConnect portal is the secure personalized site where all students, faculty and administration may access all available online services through one computer account.  The portal is available 24 hours a day—everyday.

TitanConnect consists of an Admissions system for recruitment, a Student system for management of registration, degree audit and transcripts, a Finance system for business management, an HR system for personnel, payroll and position control and an Advancement system for alumni relations and development.  In addition, TitanConnect includes an integrated e-mail, portal, calendar, document management, reporting and workflow system.

With TitanConnect students may registration for classes, make online payments, change addresses, order transcripts, review grades and many, many more features.  Besides UDM related content, the TitanConnect portal has news, sports, academic and other interesting channels of information you may subscribe to.

To access your personalized portal page you will enter your user code and password on the portal front page.  During your initial log in, you will be asked to change your password and establish two security questions with answers.  The security questions will allow you to reset your password  in the event you experience log in problems without having to contact the Helpdesk.

Step-by-step Guide

On the http://www.udmercy.edu site select TitanConnect from the Quicklinks section or go directly to http://tc.udmercy.edu

Enter your user code and password in the box on the top right and click login.  Your user code is the first part of your e-mail address (i.e. doej@udmercy.edu user code is doej).  Your initial password is 77 plus the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  (i.e. If your SSN was 123-45-6789 your initial password would be 776789.)

Contact the Helpdesk if you have a problem logging in.

Since this is your first time logging in, the system will immediately report your password has expired and you will need to change it to something new.  For security reasons, password changes are required every 90 days.

Enter a new password according to the password rules as stated on the right of the screen.  Re-enter your new password in the confirmation box and click Save Changes.   

The computer will display your initial portal page.

On this page you can view your calendar, your e-mail, tabs to portal pages focusing on UDM’s mission efforts and a link to TitanConnect Self-Service where the majority of your administrative academic and administrative business may be conducted online.

What Now?

Perhaps you would like to register for classes.  If so, please review the following instructions.

Perhaps you would like to verify or change your home address.  If so, click the TitanConnect Self-Service Channel link, go to Personal Information, go to Update Addresses and Phone.

Perhaps you would like to customize your portal by adding more channels of interest or additional tabs.  If so, click on the Content Layout link at the top left of the screen.

Perhaps you would like to access your e-mail or calendar.  At that time you may click on the e-mail  or calendar icon at the top right.

Perhaps you would like to access UDM’s Knowledge/Blackboard site.  If so, click on the Mission tab and click on the Blackboard channel link.

Perhaps you would like to learn more about UDM’s portal.  If so, click on the Tutorial tab and the links to the various topics.

Perhaps you would like to join a special interest group or host one of your own?  If so, click on the Groups icon and explore UDM’s world of groups.

For more information, please review the following handout.