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IDC Procedures

Effective November 1, 2007, the procedure for processing Interdepartmental Charges (IDCs) has changed.  We will no longer accept the old IDC forms.

Interdepartmental Charges will now be submitted on an excel spreadsheet. The IDC template must be completed and submitted via email to tcfinance@udmercy.edu  by the 25th of each month (or the 1st business day following if the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday).  The template should summarize all of the transactions you are charging to other departments for the month.  Therefore, you do not need to complete a separate template for each transaction.  Please note, you are responsible for notifying the departments you are charging.  The method of notification is at your discretion.  However, the notification must contain a reference number, which will be used for identification purposes on the template.  For example, you may choose to send an email with an attachment of a form your department is currently using, such as a work order.  The work order number would serve as the reference number.  You may also use your four digit ORG # as the reference number.

Refer to the  IDC sample for an example of a completed Interdepartmental Charge template.  Be as detailed as possible in the Description field, which is limited to 35 characters (please do not use special characters).  The Ref No. field is limited to 8 characters and should correspond to the reference number you used on the notification you sent to the department.

Feel free to email tcfinance@udmercy.edu with any questions.