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The Chemistry and Biochemistry programs prepare students for advanced study in graduate, medical, dental or law schools and/or for employment in chemical and related industries, government or private research laboratories.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry programs educate students as professional chemists who can plan and reason through problem situations and develop responses that are scientifically correct and ethically and socially acceptable.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry curricula provide exceptional opportunities to combine a traditional education with advanced laboratory experiences including undergraduate research.

The undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry programs also provide core curriculum courses for students pursuing other science, engineering, and liberal arts curricula.

Degree Requirements - Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Chemistry 
(126 credit hours)

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for students who wish to combine a degree in chemistry with another profession, such as secondary education, patent law, or scientific writing. This degree also prepares students to work in technical support positions.

Course Requirements

CHM 1070 General Chemistry I 3 cr.
CHM 1080 General Chemistry II 3 cr.
CHM 1100 Chemistry Laboratory I 1 cr.
CHM 1120 Chemistry Laboratory II 1 cr.
CHM 2250 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 1 cr.
CHM 2270 Organic Chemistry I 3 cr.
CHM 2290 Organic Chemistry II 3 cr.
CHM 2300 Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab II 2 cr.
CHM 3330 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I 1 cr.
CHM 3340 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II 1 cr.
CHM 3410 Chemical Thermodynamics and Applications 3 cr.
CHM 3420 Chemical Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry 3 cr.
CHM 3870 Quantitative Analysis 3 cr.
CHM 3880 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory 1 cr.
CHM 4990 Chemistry Senior Assessment 0 cr.
Optional Laboratory Research (CHM 2980, CHM 4980) max of 8 cr.

Additional Science and Mathematics Requirements

PHY 1300 General Physics I 3 cr.
PHY 1310 General Physics I Laboratory 1 cr.
PHY 1320 General Physics II 3 cr.
PHY 1330 General Physics II Laboratory 1 cr.
MTH 1410 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 4 cr.
MTH 1420 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 4 cr.

Core Curriculum Courses

Objective 1: Communication Skills
ENL 1310 Academic Writing 3 cr.
CST 1010 Speech 3 cr.
Objective 2: Mathematical and Computer Skills
2A Mathematics (included in Required Math & Science above) 4 cr.
2B Computer skills
(must have OB 2A attribute)
3 cr.
Objective 3: Scientific Literacy
Satisfied with courses required by the program
Objective 4: Meaning and Value
PHL 1000 Intro to Philosophy 3 cr.
RELS Religious Studies (Select one OB4B course) 3 cr.
RELS/PHL Religious Studies or Philosophy (Select one OB4C course) 3 cr.
Objective 5: Diverse Human Experience
5A History
(must have this OB 5A attribute)
3 cr.
5B Literature
(must have this OB 5B attribute)
3 cr.
5C Art
(must have this OB 5C attribute)
3 cr.
5D Comparative Experiences course
(must have OB 5D attribute)
3 cr.
Objective 6: Social Responsibility
6A Ethics
(must have OB 6A attribute)
3 cr.
6B Contemporary Social Problems
(must have OB 6B attribute)
3 cr.

Program Contact Information

Program Chair: Mark A. Benvenuto

Chemistry 113

Telephone: (313) 993-1258

Fax: (313) 993-1144

Email: schleyja@udmercy.edu


For more information about UDM, or to apply online, go to www.udmercy.edu/apply.

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