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The minor in Museum Studies, when completed in conjunction with a relevant academic major, will prepare students for entry-level positions in museums and related cultural institutions and to enter graduate programs in Museum Studies and related fields. This includes a wide range of types of museums: art museums, natural history museums, museums of science and technology, history museums, planetariums, botanical gardens and zoos.

University of Detroit Mercy is ideally positioned to offer a minor in Museum Studies. Metropolitan Detroit has a large number and variety of museums and related cultural institutions, which enrich student experiences in the minor, act as living laboratories for Museum Studies courses, and provide a substantive choice of internship sites.

Museum Studies Minor Required Courses (18 credits)
Core Courses (6 credits)

MUSM 4000 Introduction to Museum Studies 3 credits
MUSM 4980 Internship 3 credits

Museum Studies Electives (6 credits)
Choose Two
MUSM 4100 Museum Education and Interpretation 3 credits
MUSM 4200 Museum Collections Management and Care 3 credits
MUSM 4800 Topics in Museum Studies 3 credits

Ancillary Courses (6 credits)

Choose Two

ARCH 2120 Architectural History and Theory I
3 credits
ARCH 4720 Historic Preservation 3 credits
BUS 3110 Organizational Design and Structure
3 credits
BUS 3120 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
BUS 3180 Behavior and Leadership in Organizations
3 credits
CST 1120 Visual Communication 3 credits
CST 2400 Principles of Public Relations 3 credits
CST 2500 Film Art 3 credits
CST 3140 Intercultural Communication 3 credits
CST 3400 Public Relations Writing 3 credits
EDU 4000 Introduction to Education 3 credits
FINA 2000 Introduction to the Arts 3 credits
GEO 2120 Geography of Michigan 3 credits
HIS 2910 Historical Methods 3 credits
HIS 3170 Social History of Art in Italy 3 credits
HIS 3190 Introduction to World Art History 3 credits
HIS 3600 History of American Technology 3 credits
HIS 3990 History at the Movies 3 credits
HIS 4560 Detroit in the Twentieth Century 3 credits
HIS 4570 Michigan History 3 credits
HIS 4910 Black Abolitionist Workshop 3 credits
HIS 4940 Introduction to Public History 3 credits
HIS 4960 Topics in Public History 3 credits
MUSM 4950 Directed Studies
3 credits
PHL 3050 Aesthetics 3 credits
POL 3200 Public Administration 3 credits
SOC 2100 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
TRE 3060 Principles of Arts Management 3 credits

Other Requirements: 

  • Exit Interview
  • Mini-Portfolio

Program Contact Information
Daniel Kroupa
Lecturer of History and Director of Museum Studies
Briggs Building, Room 324

Telephone: 313-993-1024
Email: kroupadr@udmercy.edu

For more information about UDM, or to apply online, go to www.udmercy.edu/apply.

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