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The largest minor on campus, all undergraduate students are eligible to add a Leadership Minor to their major. The minor is a total of 18 credits.
This minor is a perfect complement to any field of study at the University.

  • First LEAD 2000 / PYC 2620 - Exploring Leadership: Yourself, Your Profession and Your Community (3 credits)
  • Then one course from approved list in each area below:
    • Individual Leadership Skills (3 credits)
    • Group Skills (3 credits)
    • Organizational Mgmt. & HR Skills (3 credits)
    • Community Engagement Skills (3 credits)
  • Final LEAD 4000 / PYC 4620 / PYC 4950 - Leadership Capstone (3 credits)

Requirements for the Leadership Minor

Introductory Course LEAD 2000/PYC 2620
  • Students choose one course from each of the four Leadership Skills areas below: (12 cr.)
  • Three of the six courses used for the minor must be at 3000 or above.
*Courses that may satisfy core university objectives

1. Individual Leadership Skills

  • self awareness
  • character and integrity
  • ethics and values
CAS 2000 Catholicism: Spirit & Methods*
CAS 3530 Dynamics of Spiritual Growth*
CST 3000 Mass Media Ethics
ENGR 1000 Ethics and Politics of Engineering*
ETH 3580 Health Care Ethics*
ETH 3680 Catholic Health Care Ethics*
PHL 2010 Foundations of Ethics*
RELS 2000 Catholicism: Spirit and Methods*
RELS 3570 Spiritual Autobiographies*
RELS 4340 Christian Ethics*
*Courses that may satisfy core university objectives

2. Group Skills

  • communication
  • team building
  • developing relationships
CIVE 4820 Civil Engineering Senior Design Project  
CJS 4160 Gangs and Juvenile Delinquent Groups           
CSSE 4951 Senior Design Project 1
CST 2040 Interpersonal Communications
CST 3040 Small Group Communication
ELEE 4011/4012 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Senior Capstone Design I/Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Senior Capstone Design I Laboratory
ENL 2360 Diverse Voices in Literature
MTH 3060 Mathematical Thinking
MENG 4950 Prototype Design II
PYC 2600 Social Psychology*
PYC 2650 Psychology of Environment
PYC 3330 Human Relationships and Parenting
PYC 3540 Sex Differences and Sex Roles*
PYC 4400 Cross-Cultural Socialization*
PYC 4890 Group Dynamics
*Courses that may satisfy core university objectives

3. Organizational Management and Human Relations Skills

  • organizational management
  • project management
  • human relations
  • public relations
BUS 3110 Organizational Design and Structure
BUS 3180 Behavior and Leadership in Organizations
CIVE 4850 Project Management and Costing
CJS 2500 Introduction to Police Administration
CSSE 4570 Software Project Management
CST 2400 Principles of Public Relations
CST 4070 Professional Seminar: Public Relations and Advertising (see advisor, not all seminar topics may apply)
ENGR 3110 Professional Practice of Engineering
ENT 3000 Interdisciplinary Design Entrepreneurship and Service
HIM 4600 Leadership and Strategic Planning for Health Professionals
HSA 3010 Overview of the U.S. Health Care System
HSA 3200 Health Services Planning and Marketing
HSA 3585 Health Services Organization Management
NUR 4625 Nursing Leadership
POL 3200 Public Administration*
PYC 3700 Industrial and Organizational Psychology*
*Courses that may satisfy core university objectives

4. Community Engagement Skills

  • social change
  • social justice
  • partnerships for the common good
  • mission and vision in broad context
AAS 2000 Critical Perspectives in African-American Studies
ARCH 2100 Architectural Design V
BIO 4990 Biology and Social Issues
BUS 3190 Ethics, Business Leadership, and Social Responsibility
CHM 4740 Recent Advances in Biochemistry
CJS 1310 Introduction to Corrections
CJS 4510 Criminology and Penology
CST 4070 Professional Seminar: Public Relations and Advertising (see advisor, not all seminar topics may apply)
EDU 4400 School and Society*
ETH 3590 Ethics and Public Policy* 
HSA 3100 Health Care Law and Regulations
HSA 3300 Health in the Community  
NUR 4300 Community Health Nursing
NUR 4755 Professional Practice from a Mercy and Jesuit Perspective
PHL 3560 Peace and Social Justice*
POL 2600 Introduction to Comparative Politics*
POL 3100 Women and Politics*
POL 3220 Public Policy Analysis*
POL 3460 Civil Liberties and Equality*
RELS 3470 Catholic Social Thought*
RELS 3480 Justice: Contemporary Issues and Theories*
SOC 2120 Black America Social Relations and Social Institutions*
SWK 2100 Social Welfare and Social Justice*
WGS 2000 Gender, Sex, and Justice*
*Courses that may satisfy core university objectives
Final Course LEAD 4000/PYC 4620/PYC 4950   


Program Contact Information

Leadership Minor Coordinator: Donald DiPaolo, Ph.D.
Reno Hall, Room 201
McNichols Campus

Text: 734-502-0224
Email: don.dipaolo@udmercy.edu

For more information about UDM, or to apply online, go to www.udmercy.edu/apply.

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