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Teacher Education
The College of Liberal Arts & Education prepares effective and responsible professional teachers who have a commitment to the implementation of the Education Department's Code of Professional Ethics. This professional teacher will have an impact on school reform, the community and society in the 21st century. Education faculty help students become ethical, caring, value-directed persons who possess a commitment to urban society and social justice. Students also gain competency in the art and science of teaching from a research knowledge base and continue to be inquiring, reflective educators. The cosmopolitan nature of our metropolitan area (multi-cultural and multi-talented) provides a perfect laboratory for the education of the professional teacher.


Degree Requirements

A candidate for this Bachelor of Arts with a major in elementary education must successfully complete between 126 to 153 credit hours acceptable to the degree program in which he/she is enrolled to be certified for graduation. These credits include requirements of the University Core Curriculum, the requirements for the program and requirements of teaching majors and minors.

College of Liberal Arts & Education Core Curriculum

See University Core Curriculum for more information. Specifically, the student should follow the core for the College of Liberal Arts & Education.

Teaching Majors and Minors

A teaching major consists of not less than 30 semester hours in a single discipline or 36 semester hours in a group of disciplines. A teaching minor consists of not less than 21 semester hours in a single discipline and 24 semester hours in a group of disciplines.

Teaching majors and teaching minors must be appropriate to the elementary school. Students should consult their Education advisor regarding courses for the teaching major and the teaching minor as well as other program requirements. The department reserves the right to require specific courses in the major and minor.

The following teaching majors and minors are approved by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) for Elementary Certification:

•    Integrated Science
•    Language Arts
•    Mathematics
•    Social Studies

Minors (select two from the options below):
•    Integrated Science
•    Language Arts
•    Mathematics

Teacher Certification Required Courses–Elementary
Professional Elementary Education Sequence (43 credits)

EDU 4000 Introduction to Education 3 credits
EDU 4320 Psychology of Education 3 credits
EDU 4200 Philosophy of Education 3 credits
EDU 4400* School and Society 3 credits
EDU 4500 Integrating the Arts in the Classroom 3 credits
EDU 4450 Methods of Physical and Health Education 2 credits
SED 4600 Educating and Mainstreaming Exceptional Persons

3 credits

EDU 4410 Elementary Science Methods 2 credits
EDU 4420 Elementary Social Studies Methods 2 credits
EDU 4430 Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools 3 credits
EDU 4480 Elementary Language Arts 3 credits
EDU 4490

Elementary Mathematics Methods

2 credits
EDU 4590

Instructional Technology

3 credits
EDU 4820

Elementary Student Teaching

8 credits

*Can be used to fulfill Core Curriculum

Supportive Courses for Elementary Education
MED 4770 Concepts of Elementary School Mathematics I
3 credits
MED 4780 Concepts of Elementary School Mathematics II 3 credits
POL 2100* American Politics 3 credits
ECN 1000* Introduction to Economics 3 credits
BIO 1030* Environmental Science 3 credits
CHM 1030* Chemistry in Society 3 credits
PHY 1080* History of the Universe 3 credits
HIS 2500* United States History to 1877 3 credits
HIS 2640* Comparative Civilizations 3 credits
ENL 2350* Study of Fiction 3 credits
ENL 2450* Study of Poetry 3 credits
ENL 3900 Children's Literature 3 credits
GEO 2110* World Regional Geography 3 credits
PYC 2500 Developmental Psychology 3 credits

*Can be used to fulfill Core Curriculum

Post Degree Certification
Post-degree students may prepare for an elementary or secondary teaching certificate in the College of Liberal Arts & Education. For either program, students are required to have fulfilled the core curriculum requirements for the College of Liberal Arts & Education or the College of Engineering & Science for some secondary education students, depending upon the degree major.

Program Contact Information

Director of Advising and Certification
Deborah Gibson
Reno Hall, Room 241
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-578-0365
Fax: 313-578-0507
Email: gibsonda@udmercy.edu

Department Chair: Lorri MacDonald, Ed.D.
Reno Hall, Room 243
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-578-0431
Fax: 313-578-0507
Email: macdonlj@udmercy.edu

For more information about UDM, or to apply online, go to www.udmercy.edu/apply.

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