Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

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Leadership Courses

LEAD 2000 Exploring Leadership: Yourself, Your Profession and Your CommunityCredit Hours: 3

This course/seminar will involve student discussion, exercises, role plays, structured experiences, and interactive projects as methods of learning about the theories and practices of leadership. Students will learn that leadership is a body of knowledge that can be taught and learned by anyone. "Leadership is a process of visioning, initiating, guiding, and encouraging a group to accomplish positive change."
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LEAD 4000 Leadership CapstoneCredit Hours: 3

A special course under the direction of a faculty member for students proposing special interest in research areas. Students must obtain written permission of the Director of the Leadership Minor.

LEAD 2000 (Minimum Grade of C, May not be taken concurrently) OR
PYC 2620 (Minimum Grade of C, May not be taken concurrently)

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LEAD 4950 Directed Studies in LeadershipCredit Hours: 1 TO 3

Student works independently on a field problem or a research problem in consultation with an instructor.
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