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School of Dentistry - Dental Hygiene Core Curriculum

This page contains an outline of the University of Detroit Mercy core curriculum requirements for students in the School of Dentistry - Dental Hygiene program.  UDM's mission statement describes an education that integrates “the intellectual, spiritual, moral and social development” of its students. The core curriculum consists of a set of requirements based on objectives that express, in fuller detail, this academic purpose. Each objective, and the requirements designed to fulfill that objective, is essential to achieve the mission of the University.

Click here for a description of each of the Core Curriculum Outcomes.

Note that you can search the Schedule of Classes by the Core Curriculum Objective attribute to find classes that satisfy particular Core Curriculum objectives.


 B.S. Dental Hygiene


Objective 1: Communication Skills (6 credits)

CST 1010

Fundamentals of Speech (OB1)

3 cr.

ENL 1310

Academic Writing (OB1)

3 cr.


Objective 2: Mathematical and Computer Skills (6 credits)


Mathematics course
(must have OB2A attribute)

3 cr.


Computer Skills course
(must have OB2B attribute)

3 cr.


Objective 3: Scientific Literacy (9 credits)

Satisfied with courses required by the program

Objective 4: Meaning and Value  (9 credits)

PHL 1000

Intro to Philosophy (OB4A)

3 cr.


Religious Studies course 
(must have OB4B attribute)

3 cr.


Religious Studies or Philosophy course 
(must have OB4C attribute)

3 cr.


Objective 5: Diverse Human Experience (12 credits)


Specific History course
(must have OB5A attribute)

3 cr.


Specific Literature course
(must have OB5B attribute)

3 cr.


Specific Aesthetics course
(must have OB5C attribute)

3 cr.


Specific Comparative course
(must have OB5D attribute)

3 cr.


Objective 6: Social Responsibility (6 credits)

Satisfied with courses required by the program 

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