Women’s Studies

WS 200. 3 cr.
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Examines critically the changing experiences and positions of women and the cultural forces shaping those positions in the U.S. and other countries. The course is interdisciplinary, drawing on resources from various fields, including History, Psychology, Religion, and Literature. The tools of feminist analysis will be applied.

WS 300. 3 cr.
Women’s Studies Practicum
Students choose among a range of opportunities to be drawn into the diverse experiences of women of other races, classes, religions, ethnic identities, and nationalities. With the understanding that all knowledge is embodied knowledge, the practicum is an experience of learning by "being with." Students may work in organizations that provide health, legal or economic services for women, advocacy groups, or professional organizations that respond to women’s issues in the work place.

WS 400. 3 cr.
Women’s Studies Seminar
In a seminar setting, students have a chance to synthesize the insights which Women’s Studies brings to various fields of academic discipline and work, and to integrate those insights with the students’ own personal and career goals.