Urban Health Education Center

William Dunifon, Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Brian Nedwek, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
H. Robert Steiman, Dean, School of Dentistry
Aloha Van Camp, Dean, Weekend College
Dean, College of Health Professions

Pamela Herrera, Assistant Dean for Community Services, School of Dentistry
Mary Kelly, RSM, Assistant Professor and Chair, Health Services Administration and Health Care Education, College of Health Professions

The Urban Health Education Center (UHEC) is an academic network of undergraduate and graduate health, education and human service disciplines within the University.

The purpose of UHEC is interprofessional education to effect the well being of children, families and communities. This is accomplished through:

• integrated learning experiences in common competencies shared across related health, teacher education and human service disciplines, and
• community-based, interprofessional clinical and practicum experiences as integral to the learning process.

Students within the UHEC network will find themselves interacting with students in other professional disciplines around common content and projects in the learning process.

Disciplines within the UHEC network are:

• Addiction Studies
• Dental Hygiene
• Health Services
• Health Services Administration
• Human Services
• Nursing
• Social Work
• Counseling
• Dentistry
• Health Care Education
• Nurse Anesthesiology
• Physician Assistant
• Psychology
• Teacher Education