University Academic Services

UAS 104. 3 cr.
College Reading
Provides instruction and practice in developing effective college reading purposefully through understanding main ideas, locating major points, perceiving organizational patterns, and using meaningful vocabulary.

UAS 105. 3 cr.
College Study Techniques

Provides specific instruction and practice in time management, vocabulary development, textbook studying/marking, lecture notetaking, test-taking strategies, and research paper presentation.

UAS 106. 3 cr.
Academic Transitions
Focuses on the needs of returning adult and transfer students. The course objectives include increasing personal awareness as it relates to academic achievement, academic and career planning, improving college reading skills and vocabulary, and providing instruction in techniques which enhance a successful academic transition to the University.

UAS 107. 1 cr.
Academic/Athletic Transitions
Focuses on the needs of new student athletes (first term freshmen and transfer students). The course addresses the skills needed to enhance their university experience: time management, academic and career planning, decision-making, relationships, health/nutrition, etc.