University Advising and Academic Services

Office: 17 Briggs, McNichols Campus
Telephone: (313) 993-1288
Contact: Holly Kerstner

University Advising and Academic Services (UAAS) is an academic unit which brings together the staff and services that are essential to the retention and academic success of our undergraduate students. This unit is located in Academic Affairs and housed in the College of Liberal Arts. UAAS provides services to the University in the following areas:


Admission Services
UAAS staff members review applications of students not admissible by usual criteria. Applications are reviewed, students are interviewed and basic skill levels are assessed as part of the admissions decision-making process. Students admitted through this process are admitted conditionally to the University, are linked to necessary support services and are advised by one of the UAAS advisors.

Assessment Services
University Advising and Academic Services handles placement testing services on both campuses, not only for conditionally admitted students, but also for any undergraduate student who needs placement testing. Assessment services also extend to experiential learning assessment and CLEP/ DANTES testing.

Orientation Services
University Advising and Academic Services coordinates the placement testing, academic advising and registration components of the orientation sessions for traditional age full-time freshmen on the McNichols Campus. Orientation workshops are also sponsored on the Outer Drive Campus for part-time and transfer students.

Academic Advising Services
In addition to handling the academic advising of conditionally admitted students, UAAS staff also handle the advising for pre-business, pre-architecture, pre-engineering, unclassified, and undecided (academic exploration) students.

Academic Support Services
University Advising and Academic Services (UAAS) provides tutorial services for registered UDM students. These services include both individual tutoring sessions and group sessions organized through a Supplemental Instruction (SI) program. The SI program consists of tutors who sit in on specific sections of targeted courses throughout the term and run two or more study sessions per week; any student in the course may attend these sessions. Individual tutoring appointments can be arranged through the UAAS offices. The schedules for the tutorial staff, which mainly consists of undergraduate students, are available by the second week of each term. UAAS provides tutoring to students at the beginning levels of most subject areas, striving to support basic core curriculum and beginning major-specific courses.

Tutorial services are available on both campuses. To make appointments, call (313) 993-1143.