Polymer Institute

Office: E204, McNichols Campus
Telephone: (313) 993-1272
Fax: (313) 993-1409

The Polymer Institute specializes in research and development in polymer chemistry and engineering. The Institute creates new materials, modifies existing plastics, and researches ways to make plastics degradable and recyclable.

The Polymer Institute invents or improves rigid and flexible foams, adhesives, elastomers, coatings, sealants, and polymer alloys, blends and composites. The Institute provides expertise in a wide range of process technologies, such as RIM, SRIM, SMC, BMC, injection-molding, extrusion, and continuous and compression molding.

The University’s polymer scientists and faculty provide educational, research, and consulting services to business and industry in polymer chemistry and engineering. Research teams typically involve the efforts of faculty, research scientists and both graduate and undergraduate students. The Institute’s visiting scientist program exposes visiting researchers to the latest developments in polymer research.