Legal Administration

LAD 312. 3 cr.
Law Practice Management
This course will serve as an introduction to the application of modern-day business practices in the private law firm. Topics such as establishing fees, billing practices, facilities management, tracking revenue and expenses, and the concept of delegating work to junior associates and legal assistants will be discussed in this course. In addition, the course will introduce the student to the different business entities that law firms can choose to adopt with discussion of the liability and tax implications of the varied business entities including professional corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole-proprietorships.

LAD 340. 3 cr.
Employee Relations
An overview of Employment Law as it relates to both private law firms and corporate legal departments with emphasis on regulations with respect to employment discrimination, privacy issues, affirmative action, sexual harassment, age and disabilities. In addition, a review of the doctrine of "employment at will".

LAD 346. 3 cr.
Human Resource Management in the Law Firm
A review of human resource and personnel management for the law firm including interviewing, hiring, discipline, performance evaluation, wages, developing position descriptions, termination and other related issues.

LAD 351. 3 cr.
Legal Accounting
A review of accounting problems of the legal enterprise. Subjects covered: client trust accounting, professional corporation accounting records, client disbursement control procedures, integrating case management with law firm planning, budgeting and management reports.

LAD 411. 3 cr.
Legal Computer Applications
Prerequisite: CIS 100.
An update on computer applications in the law office, including recent innovations in legal software and hands-on application via demonstrations and outside and/or computer lab assignments.

LAD 430. 3 cr.
Leadership Skills
An overview of the leadership skills required of the Legal Administrator to enhance and encourage maximum job performance of the non-lawyer legal staff.

LAD 450. 3 cr.
Marketing the Law Firm
A review of recent innovations in marketing strategies for private law firms including a historical perspective on lawyers advertising, its impact on the profession and maintaining the ethical standard.

LAD 452. 3cr.
Legal Website Design
Prerequisite: LAD 450.
Practical aspects of using technology in marketing the law firm, including procedures and computer applications in designing a wb page will be introduced in this course. Web page designers will be utilized as guest speakers. This class will be held in the computer lab.

LAD 460. 3 cr.
Legal Ethics
Basic principles of business ethics as applied in practical ways to the moral problems of management. The course focuses on real-world dilemmas with emphasis on the relationship between good ethics and good business and how it can affect and improve a manager's decision making. Students are offered practical guidelines that show managers how they can use their own common sense standards of integrity to help them take a fresh look at their business thinking. Specific applications are made to the private law office and corporate legal department.

LAD 465. 3 cr.
Personal Finance
Personal Finance is designed to teach non-business students the tools needed to better plan, analyze and control their own financial resources and practice effective personal financial management. The course is taught using a text book and study guide, guest speakers and current publications to educate students to meet their personal financial goals. Course work is comprised of text book homework, study guide questions, individual and group projects. Projects in class may be tailored to reflect an individual’s personal interests and situations.

LAD 490. 3 -6cr.
Clinical Experience in the Law Firm
This course has been designed for students who are unable to participate in an outside internship because of their work schedules. This course will be held on Saturdays from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. This course will be held at the law offices of Berg & McQueen,PLC in Bloomfield Hills. This course has been designed for both legal Assistant and Legal Administration students who wish to experience the private law office experience. The course will include legal document preparation, client interviewing, and an overview of law office management as well as personnel management as it relates specifically to a small private law firm.

LAD 494. 3-6 cr.
Legal Administration Internship
Prerequisite: LA 110, 280, and permission of internship program director.
Students are placed in private law firms, government or judicial offices or the public service sector for hands-on training in the basic tasks of a legal administrator. Students keep a daily journal or log of their assignments and must complete a term paper at the conclusion of the internship.

LAD 499. 3 cr.
Directed Research
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor sponsoring the directed research.
Students submit a topic to the sponsoring instructor for his/her approval. This proposal should be as specific as possible and should include a timeline for research and report drafts. Most often, the student’s research will be summarized in a term paper.



Legal Assistant

LA 110. 3 cr.
Introduction to Law and Legal Terminology
An introduction to law and the legal system. The court structure is studied along with the sources of law in the United States. Important terminology and legal concepts are also examined. A brief overview is conducted in the major substantive areas of contracts, torts, property and family law. Civil and criminal procedure are also surveyed. Students learn how to analyze caselaw and construct case briefs.

LA 130. 3 cr.
Litigation Skills
(Formerly LA 120.) The first in a two-course series addressing pre-suit, investigative, and pre-trial phases in the litigation process. The workshop form emphasizes document draftsmanship and development of analytical skills. Students learn the basics of drafting the office memorandum, complaint, answer, deposition summary, a motion with supporting brief: As this workshop course is well suited for a three hour time block, it is always offered on Saturday in the Weekend College.

LA 131. 3 cr.
Litigation Skills II & Ethics
Prerequisite: ENL 131 or equivalent, LA 110 and LA 130.
(Formerly LA 221.) The second of a two-course series designed to provide the student with a solid foundation for legal assistantship in the litigation setting. This course focuses on the discovery trial and appellate phases of litigation. Paralegal ethics are examined at the end of the course. As this workshop course is well suited for a three hour time block, it is always offered on Saturday in the Weekend College.

LA 220. 3 cr.
(Formerly LA 130.) A study of the basic elements of contract law. Students learn the concepts of offer, acceptance, consideration and performance. Of particular importance is the Uniform Commercial Code and its distinction from common law contract.

LA 230. 3 cr.
Family Law
A basic introduction to the areas of domestic law; including such subjects as: divorce, parental rights, children’s rights, the marriage contract, pre-nuptial agreements and paternity.

LA 240. 3 cr.
Real Estate Law
A study of the law relating to land transfers and finance. Includes mortgage, other security transactions, deeds, land contracts, sales contract, boundary descriptions, titles issues and title protection (title searches, recording and title insurance).

LA 252. 3 cr.
Probate I (Estates and Trusts)
Examines the probate code and probate procedure; federal and state death and inheritance taxes, wills, gifts, trusts and other related problems to decedents estates.

LA 253. 3 cr.
Probate II
LA 252 not a prerequisite.
Covers Probate Court Jurisdiction, nonrelated to decedents estates, including guardianships, conservatorships, adoptions and the Mental Health Code.

LA 260. 3 cr.
Personal Injury Law and Litigation
A study of the law and litigation techniques in personal injury cases. Students study assault, battery, false imprisonment, defamation, negligence, strict liability and product liability.

LA 265. 3 cr.
Corporations and Business Organizations
A look at forms of business organizations–the sole proprietor, partnerships and the corporation, with emphasis on procedures for setting up the corporate entity. The Corporations Act, the Uniform Partnership Act and Securities Law are also studied.

LA 275. 3 cr.
Civil Procedure & the Rules of Evidence
(Formerly LA 270.) A study of the rules of procedure with an emphasis on the Michigan Court Rules and the Michigan Rules of Evidence.

LA 280. 3 cr.
Legal Research and Analysis I
Prerequisite: ENL 131 or equivalent
An introduction to the law library and research tools. Develops basic skills in researching and analyzing legal problems. Emphasis is given to preparing and writing legal memoranda.

LA 281. 3 cr.
Legal Research and Analysis II
Prerequisite: LA 280.
Builds upon skills acquired in Legal Research I. Students prepare an Appellate Brief and other types of legal writing.

LA 294. 3-6 cr.
Legal Assistant Internship
Prerequisite: Permission from LA director.
Placement for students will be arranged with law firms, courts, corporations, etc. for on-the job training as a legal assistant. Supervising instructor consults with students individually or in a group meeting. Written report required. This course or a co-op equivalent is strongly recommended for every LA major and students must complete all core courses before placement.

LA 295. 3-6 cr.
Legal Assistant Internship
Prerequisite: All core courses and permission of the instructor.
Students will be placed in private law firms, government or judicial offices or the public service sector for hands-on training in the basic tasks of a legal assistant. Students keep daily journal or log of their assignments and must complete a term paper at the conclusion of the internship. This course or a co-op equivalent is strongly recommended for every LA major. Students must complete all core requirements prior to or, in special circumstances, commensurate with placement in an internship.

LA 299. (credit varies)
Independent Study
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor, approval of project and a 3.5 GPA.
An in-depth study of a selected topic.

LA 352. 3 cr.
Criminal Law
An examination of the purposes and goals of the criminal justice system. Elements of crime, the rights of criminal defendant and punishment and rehabilitation.

LA 355. 3 cr.
Criminal Evidence and Procedure
Examination of the balance between law enforcement and individual rights and liberties. An overview of the scope of the constitutional law pertaining to basic due process, search and seizure, self-incrimination and the right to counsel. Basic criminal court procedures are also addressed.