Jewish Studies

JS 212. 3 cr.
Introduction to Judaism: An Ecumenical Approach to Jewish Life and Thought
An introduction to the essentials of basic Judaism: beliefs, practices, customs, ceremonies, holidays, and institutions of the Jewish people. Current trends in contemporary Jewish life as well as the concerns of the Jewish people are examined.

JS 248. 3 cr.
How to Understand the Holocaust
A study of the historical roots of the Holocaust from 1933 to 1939, as well as, the events of World War II. This course examines Hitler’s moves and the Jewish responses.

JS 252. 3 cr.
American Jewish History and Thought
Unfolds the rich and fascinating story of three centuries of Jewish life in America. Jewish immigrants from many lands have come to America and redefined a new identity. Sephardic Jews came to these shores in Colonial times. German Jews developed a special acculturation in the 19th century. East European Jews flooded here in the wake of Russian persecutions. How these three separate waves of Jewish immigration linked American Jewry to the broader stream of Jewish history is analyzed and discussed. Students are introduced to the historical processes which compose the Jewish experience in America.

JS 253. 3 cr.
20th Century American Jewish History
An examination of the immigration of Jews to America and the development of Orthodox Reform and Conservative Judaism in response to the American experience. Jewish survival in America and religious developments indigenous to America are addressed, including contemporary issues of anti-Semitism, relationships to Israel, the Holocaust, interfaith activities, and the Jewish cultural renaissance.

JS 264. 3 cr.
Jews and Judaism in the Modern World
An examination of the Jewish experience from the French Revolution to Auschwitz and the post-War era. Focuses on modern Jewish life and times in Germany, Russia, Poland, France, England, America, and Israel.

JS 275. 3 cr.
Jesus and Judaism
An examination of the political, social, and economic conditions in the time of Jesus. The course examines the literature created by the Rabbis at the time of Jesus.