Honors Program

Director: Gary Garrett
Office: 114 Briggs, McNichols Campus
Telephone: (313) 993-1035

The Honors Program offers a special challenge to bright and gifted students, challenging them to enrich their education on all levels. Top students from diverse backgrounds study together in special courses beyond the regular curriculum. Students also work together on activities and projects to expand their horizons and develop their potential as service leaders.

Honors students must fulfill 18 required Honors credits by taking:

• Twelve (12) hours of Honors courses fulfilling either an academic major or core curriculum requirement (i.e., an Honors section of PHL 100 to meet Objective 4)*
• Three (3) hours in an Honors seminar course, involving extensive reading and the development of research skills;
• Three (3) hours devoted to writing a Senior Thesis or developing a Senior Project under the guidance of a faculty member**

Organization and Activities
The Honors Program director and three student Honors deans review each Honors students’ progress in fulfilling academic requirements and also the 30 hours of volunteer service. (This last requirement is often met through programs initiated by UDM’s Leadership Development Institute.) The Honors Program arranges the annual Induction Ceremony and, often in cooperation with other campus organizations, special Honors Lectures and various volunteer activities. Honors students are expected to participate in at least one such event per term.

Membership Requirements

Incoming Freshmen
• Minimum SAT score of 1100
• Minimum ACT score of 26
• Involvement in high school extra-curricular activities

• Minimum GPA of 3.0
• Involvement in prior extra-curricular activities

Graduation Requirements
• Fulfill Honors curriculum
• Fulfill 30 hours total non-paid volunteer service
• Attain 3.3 GPA at time of graduation

Students who complete all the graduation requirements will have "Honors" printed on their diplomas and transcripts when they graduate and will wear golden Honors Cords at the commencement ceremony.

* Or the Honors Option which allows an Honors student to obtain Honors credit for a regular class with the approval of the instructor and Honors Program director.

** The Honors student may also opt for a second Honors Seminar in place of the Senior Thesis or Project.

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